Tip: Bluetooth speakers to add more music to your summer

Deepak Gupta June 15, 2022
Updated 2022/06/15 at 3:00 AM

With Santos Populares we can say that the summer party season is officially open. Whether at home, on the beach, in a garden or in the most secluded place in the middle of nature, music will make all the difference at your party with friends and family.

That’s how today we bring you some suggestions of Bluetooth speakers for all prices and needs.

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro

The BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro is a Bluetooth speaker with 120W of maximum power, which can be used anywhere, even where there is a danger of getting wet with water, as it is IPX5 certified.

The speaker has an impedance of 4Ω±15% and a frequency response of 20Hz—16000Hz. The autonomy can go up to 15 hours of music playback with the volume at 50%, with the LED lights off. In case they are on, the autonomy is 12 hours.

In terms of weight and dimensions, the BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro weighs 2654g and measures 291 x 112 x 102 mm. It should be noted that, in addition to the Bluetooth system, it is possible to use the speaker connected through an auxiliary wired system, it has a connection for USB plug and microSD memory card.

The BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro bluetooth speaker is available on sale at the price of €122.43, VAT included. Shipping is free and without additional costs.

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro

BlitzWolf BW-WOO2

The BlitzWolf BW-WOO2 Bluetooth Speakers are presented with a distinctive design, with a wooden construction, which gives them a more premium look and that end up giving a sophisticated addition to any decor.

They have a power of 80W and a frequency response of 65Hz~20KHz. They integrate bluetooth 5.0 technology and have a multitude of connection ports, which increases their usefulness.

The BlitzWolf BW-WOO2 bluetooth speaker is available at a great discount for €47.08, using the discount code BGacf1f8. Shipping is free, made from Spain and with fast delivery.

BlitzWolf BW-WOO2

BlitzWolf BW-WA2

The BlitzWolf BW-WA2 is reportedly an outdoor speaker and is ready for any adventure, IP66 certified, waterproof and dustproof. Its battery has 4000mAh which guarantees about 7 hours of music playback at 50% volume, or 4.5 hours at 100%.

The weight of this column is 530g and measures 200 x 68 x 76mm. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, it still has NFC that allows you to play music just by approaching the smartphone, without the need for pairing. It also has TWS functionality which allows you to connect another speaker to this one in order to create a more complete stereo playback system.

The BlitzWolf BW-WA2 bluetooth speaker is available for €37.67, with the discount code BG2f9724. Shipping is done from a warehouse in Spain.

BlitzWolf BW-WA2

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