Tip: Can’t use Wi-Fi to share the Internet on Android? Here is the solution

Deepak Gupta August 22, 2022
Updated 2022/08/22 at 9:09 AM

One of the most interesting options on Android, and also on other systems, is the possibility of sharing Internet access. Quickly and directly, any device can connect to this network via smartphone.

As a rule, this sharing is done with a Si-Fi network, but there are other ways as simple as this one. See how you can share the Internet on Android if you can’t use Wi-Fi. Just a simple USB cable.




It's through from smartphone that many users can guarantee access to the Internet anywhere and on any device. The familiar sharing happens quickly and just activate an option on Android or another operating system.

If a Wi-Fi connection is normally used, this is not always possible. The user may want to limit this sharing or increase the speed. For this, there is an alternative, via USB, which can be used with the same simplicity as the previous one.

This is not active natively, but it is quickly turned on. Preferably, they must first connect the USB cable to the PC and smartphone. Start by opening Android Settings and then, at the beginning, look for the Connection and sharing option, or something similar.

Then, and also at the top of this new area, you should find the Personal Hotspot option, to activate the option you are looking for. When you open this area, you will mostly see options associated with Wi-Fi, but what you are looking for is further down, in the Tethering area.

This sharing can be done via Bluetooth or USB. The latter must be chosen, which will immediately activate the Internet connection on the device where the cable is connected. At the moment, the Internet connection happens through Android.

It is in this simple way that you can connect your smartphone to your PC and thus have direct access to the Internet, without sharing or connecting other devices. It is an option that you can explore and thus have the best access speeds guaranteed, using your smartphone.

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