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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 6, 2022
Updated 2022/07/06 at 8:25 AM

Despite looking a lot like the previous version, Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 7 has some interesting and even important news. The brand managed to improve its software and thus ensure a new interest in this smartband.

being in the hands of its new users, it is natural that these novelties are explored and analyzed. So, and to help users, today we present one of these improvements. We talk about the possibility of replying directly to messages on Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7.




There are many features that have been requested over the years by users. In addition to GPS and access to the NFC version, the Mi Band 7 has some improvements that are already expected and even almost essential for many.

One of these obvious improvements has now arrived, with the new version presented by Xiaomi. For many it is just an extra, but it will certainly be useful and will have constant use. We are talking about the possibility of replying directly to messages on this smartband.

To manage this new feature, open the app Zepp Life and then choose the Profile option below. Here you will immediately see the new Mi Band 7 from Xiaomi, so you should choose this device. This access gives the user the options they need.

To proceed, choose the Application Alert option and then proceed to Quick Response Management. Here you will find the list of answers that are present and that can be used immediately. Of course, you can create new ones, delete and even sort existing ones.

Its use couldn't be simpler inside Xiaomi's Mi Band 7. For each new message or notification you receive, you just need to click on the blue arrow and then choose the response you want to send from the list you have previously managed.

It is in this simple and quick way that Xiaomi has brought something that has long been requested for this smartband. There is still a lot to discover about the Mi Band 7 and how the brand has improved it, beyond the obvious.

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