Tip: Find out how you can access the MIUI secret menu on a Xiaomi smartphone

Deepak Gupta July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 8:07 AM

Despite being a well-known version, associated with a great customization of Android, Xiaomi’s MIUI still has a lot to reveal. Just explore this operating system a little and quickly emerge areas that deserve to be known.

Of course, not all of them can be revealed directly, as they are reserved to avoid problems. Even so, and for those who want to know a little better, there is a secret menu that they can explore. Know how to access it and what you can get out of this area that not everyone knows.




Xiaomi has in MIUI some hidden pearls, prepared to give users some information that they would not otherwise have access to. This guarantees the detection of problems or the collection of information associated with some essential elements of any smartphone of the brand.

One of these minuses is focused on the network, both Wi-Fi and mobile, and allows you to consult a lot of information in real time. This can help in times of problems or simply to be able to monitor what is happening on the smartphone.

To access this secret menu of Xiaomi's MIUI, you must open the smartphone's Settings. Then, they must choose the first option present, called About mobile phone, where they can obtain general information about the equipment they have in their hands.

Then, and to proceed, you must choose the All specifications option, followed by clicking 4 times in the Internal Storage area, until it reveals the hidden options. MIUI will show the number of times until you access that new menu.

Inside, it will be divided into 2 areas, one for the GMS and 4G network and the other for the Wi-Fi network. In each one they can browse and obtain data about the connection to the operator, whether with one or two SIM cards and also the wireless networks to which the smartphone is connected.

Then access this menu and explore all the information that this area can offer. You will certainly find important data that can be useful in a moment of detecting problems that may arise, whether connecting your smartphone to Wi-Fi networks, or to any operator.

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