Tip: Give Android More Security with Enable Lock Mode

Deepak Gupta May 22, 2022
Updated 2022/05/22 at 9:48 AM

Despite being an open system, Android has many ways to bring security to its users and the smartphones on which it runs. These are not always visible and direct, but the truth is that they are accessible.

One of these options can be used to prevent access and provide additional protection. It’s called lock mode and it locks Android without being able to be unlocked by the simplest ways that Android offers. The way to activate it is simple and we will show you now.

All the security we can bring to Android you are welcome. This system is constantly being attacked, largely because it is the most used on the planet and is in most smartphones that are being used.

A protection measure that Google created despite being accessible, is not visible to everyone. It is simple to activate and guarantees a protection that will be higher and will increase the security of users and their smartphones, in the case of unlocking. Bypass fingerprint and face recognition.

Lock mode must first be activated, in order to be able to use it at any time when using Android. Open the settings and then the Lock screen option, and in the end choose the Lock screen settings option.

At the end, and in the zone that they opened, they should look for the option Show blocking option. It must be deactivated and therefore they must press the switch to make it active and ready to be used on the user's smartphone.

From that moment on, they can lock their smartphone by pressing the power button and holding it down. The new option will appear and must be loaded. When they try to unlock, it will bypass fingerprint and facial recognition. It will only accept the pin or pattern you set, protecting Android more.

This is a simple and quick way to give Android more security and protection. Just lock with the lock mode and quickly it will only be accessed with the pin or the pattern, something that only the user knows, not accepting the finger or the face to be accessed.

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