Tip: Learn how to pause Windows 11 updates for a few days

Deepak Gupta April 14, 2022
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:07 PM

Even having a trouble-free record, Windows 11 updates are still not a peaceful topic for all users. Experience with the previous version showed how problems can arise from one moment to the next and complicate everything.

So, as before, Microsoft gave Windows 11 the ability to put updates on hold. This is a temporary process and you can use it at any time. So, here’s how to put Windows 11 updates on pause for a few days.

Windows 11 updates

The reasons for putting Windows 11 updates on pause can be many. It is a simple way to save mobile data when we are traveling or simply when we know that one of the existing proposals has problems or failures that could jeopardize the system.

This is a simple process and it's inside Microsoft's System Settings app, which now gathers almost all the settings. Just know where to apply this option and everything will be put on pause for a few days, until the user can keep Windows 11 up to date again.

Windows 11 Microsoft Updates Pause System

Pause this process

To handle this process, open the Settings app and then look for the Windows Update option on the right. This will be at the end of the displayed list. An alternative is at the opposite end, in the upper right, under the Windows Update option.

Here, you can immediately see the updates that are pending installation. They can also search for new proposals. However, the option you are looking for is further down in the More options area. Here you have the entry Pause updates, which you must activate with the Pause 1 week button.

Windows 11 Microsoft Updates Pause System

Revert on Microsoft system

After this period, Windows 11 updates resume in their normal and usual way. If they wish, they can also reverse this decision at any time. To do so, they can access the same area and then choose the Resume updates option.

This is the quick and simple way to put Windows 11 updates on pause. Without any complications, they can interrupt this process for a few days, to help in a time of need. We remind you that you should not keep the Microsoft system in this state for too long, installing updates whenever possible.

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