Tip: Make Android Safer With This Microsoft Security Advice

Deepak Gupta July 20, 2022
Updated 2022/07/20 at 8:00 AM

Although this is not its preferred system, Microsoft has been betting on Android on several fronts. In addition to the many apps available on Google’s system, this is also part of the future of Windows 11, as we have seen.

Now that it is also present in the security part of Android, Microsoft has decided to issue some of its recommendations. They want to protect Google’s system and its users, using advice that, although obvious, must be followed by all users.




Microsoft wants to help with user safety

Android security is currently a sensitive topic for everyone using this system, as we have seen in recent months. This system has been exposed to apps that spread malware through smartphones and try to steal user data and other information.

To protect users, Microsoft decided to issue some security recommendations to avoid these problems. They appeared in one of the your discoverieswhere malicious apps were targeting and attacking Google's operating system.

Android Security Microsoft Advice Protected

Advice to be followed by everyone on Android

These tips are very important and must be followed steadily and steadily. They are simple to implement, for the most part, and only require some care on the part of users. They can be followed quickly and simply.

  1. Only install apps from the Google Play Store or other trusted sources
  2. Avoid granting SMS access, notifications or accessibility permissions to any app without understanding why you need it. These are permissions that are generally not needed.
  3. Use a security solution like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Android, or another, to detect malicious or malicious apps
  4. If a smartphone or tablet no longer receives updates, consider replacing it with a newer, newer device

Of course, for many these turn out to be obvious and even known, but they are still important for Android and its users. Microsoft sees them as essential and as the first barrier of protection.

Android Security Microsoft Advice Protected

Google's system is thus even more protected

Users who follow these steps will certainly remain more protected and without security issues. There is much more advice, but it certainly required deeper analysis and that many would not be able to implement.

Microsoft's new attitude towards Android and its security is interesting and curious. This system is increasingly an important part of its ecosystem, going so far as to equip the software giant's current smartphones,

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