Tip: Network issues in Windows 11? Test this solution to resolve them quickly

Deepak Gupta June 11, 2022
Updated 2022/06/11 at 12:19 PM

Windows 11 is already a stable system and it works perfectly in most situations. It is not exposed to known issues and manages to give users what they are looking for to use on a daily basis.

Still, there are situations where Windows 11 behaves that were not expected and that are not always easy to resolve. Microsoft gives your system some useful tools and today we bring you one that you can use when you have network problems.

It is not a normal or expected situation, but sometimes Windows 11 presents problems to users. They result from various situations and cannot always be controlled or even resolved simply and quickly.

Of course, Microsoft doesn't leave users without help and that's why Windows 11 has a set of tools that can be used. In the case of the network, whether by cable or WiFi, there is a simple command that can use and that eliminates all settings.

Windows 11 Network Problems Microsoft Command

If you are in this situation, just open a Terminal window with administrator permissions and run the right commands. To start, use the command netsh int ip resetto eliminate all settings already applied before and that must be the source of problems.

When executing the command the user should see a batch of responses with the result "Resetting, OK!", which indicates that it is running as intended by the user. In the end, no difference should be seen for the user.

Windows 11 Network Problems Microsoft Command

As it should be indicated in the final result of the command, the next action should be to restart Windows 11. After this step, Windows 11 should have recovered and no longer have any problems. Everything should now be completely normal and functional.

This is probably the simplest way to solve all Windows 11 network problems. When cleaning the network settings everything should go back to its initial moment and thus be ready to be used.

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