Tip: Screen always on on Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7? These are the steps you have to follow

Deepak Gupta July 4, 2022
Updated 2022/07/04 at 8:27 AM

MI Band 7 brought some new features, which can now be explored and enjoyed by everyone who already has access to this news. With this new Xiaomi smartband, the brand sought to further elevate what it offers users.

Something we can see right away is its screen, which is now bigger and allows access to even more information. Something we can now also have is the screen that is always on, with minimal information, but which can help the user at any time.




By having the screen always on, the user does not have to shake his wrist to ensure that the screen turns on and allows, for example, to see the time. This is a necessary move that guarantees the user access to the Mi Band 7 and previous models.

Now, and from what can be seen in the app Zepp Life from Xiaomi, there is the possibility of having the screen always active, with minimal information and battery consumption. This can be finely controlled and guarantee the user a more efficient management.

Start by opening the app Zepp Life and then choose the Profile option on the bottom bar. Here, choose the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and then ensure that the Bracelet settings option is selected. Finally, they must select Display Settings.

In here, and to control how the presentation will be made, you must choose Permanent Display. It only remains to choose how it is activated and for how long. The user will be able to choose the permanent, temporary, automatic or never presentation, which is the base option of this area.

The user only has to select one of these options and define, if necessary, the start and end times. It is also important to remember that this option leads to higher battery consumption and that this mode may be active during sleep, although Xiaomi has taken measures against this in the Mi Band 7.

This option grants Xiaomi's Mi Band 7 many more options and functions. Essential information will be there at all times, without having to shake, shake or touch this smartband. if they already have this gadgetso enjoy and test this option that raises your offer even more.

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