Tip: Use WingetUI to manage the software on your Windows simply and quickly

Deepak Gupta July 3, 2022
Updated 2022/07/03 at 9:02 AM

Managing the software we have installed on Windows may not be a simple process. Microsoft sought to improve this process with its app store, but still, users prefer to use different sources to secure the apps.

Important help came with Microsoft’s winget, which manages all Windows packages. This tool dedicated to PowerShell now has a new feature that makes it even more interesting. It’s time to discover WingetUI and manage the software on Windows simply and quickly.




Microsoft's purpose in creating the winget was very clear. In a simple PowerShell shell we can add, update or remove any software within the Microsoft system. This one is to be used in a simple and very direct way, always without complications.

The novelty now is the creation of an interface for this tool to simplify it even more, the WingetUI. This one doesn't have Microsoft's hand, but makes use of what it created, to be able to give even more to Windows users. You can get this offer directly from GitHub.

WingetUI Windows Microsoft software apps

With WingetUI, Windows users can consult the list of packages and install one or more with a simple click. This process takes place again silently, with the end result being access to the intended applications.

Likewise, WingetUI allows users to control their updates in the same interface. These appear directly, giving everyone the possibility to have new versions of their apps without having to access any website or additional management interface.

WingetUI Windows Microsoft software apps

Finally, and for even greater control, WingetUI allows them to have access to the list of all apps present in Windows. In addition to being consulted, they can also be easily removed in this interface to access the Microsoft tool.

Give WingetUI a try and see how it can be used to give users full control over the software present in Windows. In addition to the Microsoft repository, it also uses the Scoop as an alternative. And yes, if they want, they can even remove Edge, something that was thought to be almost impossible.

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