Tip: Using AirPods on an Android smartphone? This app will help you get even more

Deepak Gupta July 29, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 7:43 PM

When Apple develops its hardware, it tends to close it within its ecosystem and does not allow many interactions with other systems. This can be seen with AirPods, which outside of iOS or macOS don’t have many functions.

This scenario is now alleviated with the arrival of a simple app to the Android Play Store. It wants to take on the role of managing the entire connection between AirPods and an Android smartphone, giving the user a lot of information.




Despite being created to work (almost) perfectly with the iPhone and iOS, the AirPods can be used outside of this Apple system. The brand offers instructions on your setupbut immediately warns that some features and information are left out.

This is where the CAPod app comes in, looking to be the ideal companion for anyone who wants to use AirPods on an Android system. It is not intended to be an option to facilitate the connection, but to provide the user with essential information that helps to manage these Apple earphones.

Thus, and with the CAPod, we now have access to battery levels, both for the box and for the individual AirPods. It will also be possible to know the charging status of these 2 elements, as well as information about the connection, the microphone and the box itself.

This Android app goes even further and lets you receive and show all Apple audio devices that are nearby. It can also detect whether the AirPods are placed in the ears and thus enable or disable music playback.

AirPods Android smartphone Apple CAPod

The CAPod app is prepared to handle all Apple headphones, and is also extended to Bets, with the same useful information. It can also reproduce some iOS features and show a pop-up on Android when the box is opened, as well as the automatic connection between the smartphone and the AirPods.

Anyone who wants to validate the code used in the CAPCAPod app can access it on their GitHub page, where this is available. This is a free app, but some features require a purchase. It is really an excellent option for those who have AirPods and an Android smartphone, from which they will now get more information and be able to manage it better.

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