Tip: Want to have the tabs in Windows 11’s File Explorer now? follow these steps

Deepak Gupta June 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/13 at 9:08 AM

One of the latest innovations that the Insider program brought to Windows 11 was the return of tabs to File Explorer. These will change the way we use this tool and how we will explore this Microsoft system.

Despite being with the latest build, the tabs are still not accessible to everyone in this test program for the latest version of Windows 11. Today we show you how you can take the leap and have the tabs directly in Windows 11.

Windows 11 has looked very different since it was released. Microsoft has left many new features in this system, which over time prove to be useful and interesting. This guarantees an interesting and seemingly logical renovation.

With the latest novelty, Windows 11 receives something that has been expected and even requested by users for many years. Once again it makes using Windows simpler and changes it completely, this time for the better. This one arrived with build 25136, now released.

Windows 11 Explorer Tabs Microsoft Files

To activate the File Explorer tabs, you must first get the Vivetool app, directly in this link from GitHub. After that, it must be unzipped and placed in a Windows 11 folder.

With this step taken, you should open a Finish window in that folder and run the following command: ViVeTool addconfig 37634385 2. The end result will be a simple message showing the success of the command that was executed.

Windows 11 Explorer Tabs Microsoft Files

The end of the process is done by restarting the system, which must be carried out. After that, when you open the Windows 11 File Explorer, you will immediately notice the presence of tabs, which you can use right away.

This build 25136 brings more news, but the tabs are the most visible and important for Windows 11. Microsoft is still going to develop this novelty further and thus create a mature solution ready to be used by everyone.

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