Tip: What are you listening to on Spotify? This site tells you all the genres of music played

Deepak Gupta June 9, 2022
Updated 2022/06/09 at 2:14 PM

Anyone who uses Spotify consistently knows how important this streaming service is. With a simple internet connection (or not) we have access to an almost infinite music library where you can certainly find your favorite styles and artists.

What we don’t have is a simple and direct way of knowing what we’ve been listening to, so we can understand our tastes and where we’re betting. This is now accessible with Spotify Pie, a service that looks at the playlist and gives all the information.

Have you been listening to Spotify streaming?

In addition to everything that this streaming service offers users, there are little extras that not everyone can see. They appear in the form of an API, which gives access to user data, and allows to read and understand the tastes and preferences of each one.

It is using this point of contact, and always safely, that Spotify Pie appears. This external service allows to create a list of styles of music that the user has been listening to in the last month, having a clear picture of the tastes.

How to use this Pie that shows everything?

To use Spotify Pie the user just needs to access the service web address. There you will have access to its simple and minimalist interface. You must start by authenticating to the service and then authorizing access to your data. This can later be revoked.

Spotify Pie will immediately read user data and evaluate your usage of the streaming service. The presentation of the results will be practically immediate, with all the information appearing in a pie chart.

Most played music genre chart

This graph can be consulted visually or by touch. When choosing one of the areas, the genre of music and the names of the artists are shown. These same names, the most heard, are also displayed in the lower area.

Are you aware of what you've been listening to or want to detect patterns in your music sessions? Then Spotify Pie is the right choice. And whenever you want, you can go back and get another list of your preferences from the previous month.

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