Titan Chest Expander: The Muscle Building Equipment

Deepak Gupta June 15, 2022
Updated 2022/06/15 at 7:24 PM

Would you like to have your own gym… at home? Why not? Even if it isn’t, having some equipment that can help you be in the best shape. Pplware has already presented here some “mobile” equipment, which you can have at home, and which we usually find in gyms.

Today our suggestion goes to the Titan Chest Expander, the perfect equipment for safe muscle development.

Maximize your muscle development with this equipment

It's called Titan Chest Expander and it's an extender that can be used both indoors and outdoors and that allows you to promote tendon and ligament strength while toning your muscles.

This Prozis equipment has the advantage of being easy to transport and allowing adjustments in order to maximize your muscle development. In practice, the Titan Chest Expander:

  • Helps strengthen your upper body
    • Designed for the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps.
  • Can adjust resistance level
    • Contains 5 resistance cables, easy to remove and install, for different strength intensities.

  • It's compact and lightweight, keeps your muscles toned
  • You can use the extender handles to simulate different upper body exercises.

The Titan Chest Expander is a tough and durable piece of equipment as it is constructed from tough latex. The handles are made of polypropylene, super comfortable and offer a good grip. The weight of this equipment is 540 g.

Enjoy the Promotion

Pplware, in partnership with Prozis, gives you the possibility to purchase this Titan Chest Expander with a 10% discount using for this the voucher PPLWARE (which you should put in step 4 of the checkout of your order).

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