Top 4 Google Play Store Apps This Week

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 2:48 AM

Best Google Play Store Apps This Week

The Google Play Store includes many different and distinctive apps that provide different functions to the users, and the number of apps in the store is increasing daily.

Google allows users to publish their apps to the Store easily and quickly, which ensures that there are plenty of diverse apps out there.

But there are malicious apps in the store that Google is working to get rid of by setting new laws and reviewing apps first.

And if you are looking for a new app to download or want an app with a certain functionality, we have rounded up the best apps from Google Play Store.

FUNetix application

This application is primarily educational, with a large library of over 40 different educational models for educating children.

This app features cute graphics which greatly catches the attention of kids and then teaches them to pronounce words and letters through animated shapes on the screen.

The app also includes a bunch of small games that help kids learn faster, and the app is characterized by the absence of any hidden advertising or payment.

Hogwarts Live Wallpaper

Hagwarts Live Wallpaper is designed for fans of the popular Harry Potter series, this application includes live wallpapers with the flags of the four houses.

And you can choose any wallpaper through this app and put it in the main interface of your phone, and this wallpaper will move every time you look at it.

The app has high resolution wallpapers, so the wallpapers look beautiful regardless of the screen resolution or the size of your phone.

You can download and use the app for free without any hidden payment, but it comes with ads.

Kontxt application

This application receives the calls you receive and then displays their content on the home screen of your phone in the form of an SMS.

The app relies on artificial intelligence to recognize conversations, then convert them to texts, and it records all the calls you’ve received so you can review them anytime later.

The app is still in beta, so you can expect some minor issues you might encounter while using it.

Project Activate

This application comes from the development of Google itself, and it offers a set of features to facilitate access for people with physical difficulties.

The application mainly relies on the front camera of the phone to identify the user’s face and then record the different movements of his face.

It associates all user’s face movements with different functions of the phone, and the app cannot recognize advanced functions.

But it works efficiently with simple and basic phone functions such as answering the phone, making calls, and sending messages.

This app is a new idea from Google which proves its ability to work with Android phones, and it is an experiment for this idea, and you can download it easily through the project page in the Google play store.

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