TSMC hopes to start shipping 2nm chips to companies like Apple in 2026

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 12:35 PM

The technology components industry is becoming increasingly interesting as manufacturers strive to increase the degree of innovation in order to offer the best and most advanced products.

As such, giant TSMC has now revealed that it hopes to start shipping its 2nm chips to companies like Apple four years from now, in 2026.

TSMC CEO has already revealed when he will ship the 2nm chips

As we mentioned recently, TSMC expects the mass production of its next 3nm manufacturing process to take place in the second quarter of 2023. But the Taiwanese will not stop there and is already moving forward with full throttle plans. for the production of the even more advanced 2nm lithography.

So, according to the information revealed, the manufacturer recently updated its plans to build components in the 2nm process, which it hopes to start shipping to customers as early as 2026.

This past week, CC Wei, CEO of TSMC addressed the casting plans for the 2nm process node, also known as N2. The executive confirmed that the transistors that the company will use in the chips of this lithograph will be GAA (gate-all-around) and that he continues to place his trust in the EUV (Ultra Violet Extreme) technology of the Dutch ASML, in order to be able to integrate the millions of transistors inside each chip.

As a rule, the smaller the process node, the greater the number of transistors that can be inserted into the equipment. Therefore, the more transistors each chip integrates, the more powerful they become and the greater energy efficiency they offer to the equipment. For example, Apple's A14 SoC has 11.8 billion transistors, while the A15 already has 15 billion.

In this sense, CC Wei adds that "our N2 development is on track" and that at the end of 2024 the same should enter the risk production, and the production itself should happen close to the second half of 2025 or at the end of that year.

Apple may have 2nm chips as early as 2026

TSMC has some of the most important technology brands in its range of customers. As such, the likes of the mighty Apple can count on the next innovative 2nm process in the year 2026.

Therefore, expectations are high regarding the novelties that will appear in the following years, especially in the possibilities that these chips can offer to equipment purchased by consumers at that time.

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