TSMC suffers power cut, but production was not affected

Deepak Gupta July 29, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 2:37 PM

TSMC is the most important and powerful chip maker today and is responsible for producing many of the most desired equipment in the technology sector.

However, recently the Taiwanese manufacturer didn’t win for the scare when it suffered a voltage drop at one of its facilities. But the information indicates that this power cut did not cause major damage, nor did it significantly affect the production of semiconductors.




TSMC suffers power outage in one of its factories

When a market leader company like TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is deprived, even for a brief moment, of its normal electrical energy capacity, this can mean serious problems in terms of manufacturing in action at that moment.

And that's what happened to the Taiwanese giant this Wednesday (27), which suffered a 90% drop in voltage at one of its chip factories, namely in the city of Nan-ke, in Taiwan. And to make the situation even worse, in these facilities, designated 18A, some of the company's most important and advanced chips are manufactured, such as the N4 and N5 processes, which will be used in the next processors and graphics cards of the AMD and Nvidia brands. .

After this information has been confirmed, as the channel refers United Daily Newsthere was an immediate general concern on the part of several entities linked to the technology sector and who could suffer, directly or indirectly, if something happened to TSMC's production.

Production remained intact

Even with a drop in electrical voltage of around 90%, the leader of the semiconductor industry has already announced that its chip production has not stopped and that everything is working as expected.

And, of course, this is excellent news not only for TSMC, but also for its customer manufacturers, consumers and the entire market in general. This is because a situation of this magnitude could represent losses of several million dollars, since the chips produced at that moment would have to be discarded to avoid defects and problems in their operation.

But TSMC has a reserve of energy in all its facilities, and it was this same strategy that saved the company in this situation, allowing it to maintain production even with the voltage down.

However, there has been friction between the manufacturer and the Taiwanese government on this issue, as if on the one hand the company needs a constant and continuous supply of energy, on the other the country seeks to maintain a balance between energy consumption industrial and domestic. In this way, TSMC has been looking for alternative solutions, such as renewable energy, for its factories, while at the same time hoping to obtain a billion dollar financing in this area.

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