Twitch says its new ad revenue program will make payments more reliable

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 11:25 PM

Twitch has released a which will grant selected streamers a certain amount of ad revenue per month. Many creators have spoken about the difficulties of making a consistent living with the live streaming platform for everyone but streamers. Unless you have a consistent follower base, the income you earn from Twitch can vary greatly from month to month.

“Having a reliable floor of ad revenue should allow you to better plan for the future, whatever that may be. We hope it will be an important step towards empowering creators.” I wrote Twitch on your website.

The new payment model, which Twitch is calling the Ad Incentives Program or AIP, offers a select group of partners and affiliates a fixed payment every month. In return, creators agree to stream for a minimum amount of hours per month while running ads. Twitch has already convened a select group of streamers to join the AIP for now. Select streamers will see a message on the Ads Manager dashboard inviting them to join the show.

Twitch streamers often earn money from a number of different sources, including ads, subscriptions, Bits (virtual goods that viewers buy to cheer on you), and follower donations. Not every streamer can make money on Twitch. The platform requires a certain number of followers and hours of streaming before inviting streamers to its affiliate program, which gives creators the ability to monetize their streamers. Affiliates who get enough followers and views can participate in the most profitable program. But maintaining a consistent fan base is incredibly difficult, and many creators burn out due to the many hours required. Twitch typically collects 50/50 of the revenue streamers earn from subscriptions, a than YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

Streamers will have the option to choose between different payment models, and the amount Twitch is offering each streamer varies. In the examples that Twitch has featured on its website, a user who agrees to stream for 40 hours per month can select the option of a $100 payment to display 2 minutes of ads per hour, a $300 payment to display 3 ad minutes per hour, or a payment of $500 to display 4 minutes of ads per hour. Streamers will earn this guaranteed amount of money regardless of how many people watch. After streaming the minimum amount of hours required, they will continue to monetize at their normal rate.

While an earnings floor can provide some stability for a select group of Twitch streamers, many streamers on Twitter already that smaller streamers (those most likely to need a guaranteed source of income) will not benefit in the slightest. Streamers who qualify for Twitch’s new AIP program already have a medium to large fan base that already watches their streams. But for this select group, the AIP can eliminate some of the guesswork when it comes to deciding which ad strategy will work best.

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