Twitter Adds Pinned Conversations Feature to DMs, Lets Users Pin Up to Six Chats on Android, iOS and Web

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 7:52 AM

Twitter has introduced a pinned conversations feature to its Direct Messaging (DM) service on iOS, Android and the web, allowing users to pin chats to the top of their inbox. Pinning conversations keeps them at the top of the chat list, even if newer messages from other chats are received. The feature was part of Twitter Blue, the company’s paid subscription service that grants exclusive access to new features before they are rolled out to other users.

The microblogging service announced on Friday that users can now pin up to six conversations to the top of their DM inbox on Android and iOS devices, as well as Twitter for the web.

Gadgets 360 tested the feature and found that pinning a conversation on one device will simultaneously take it to the top on other devices. Pinning a chat will move it to a separate section called pinned conversations while the other chats are listed in all conversations.

Twitter will also allow users to pin a group chat to the top, which can make it easier to find a chat with more than one user, especially if you have a very crowded (or active) inbox. However, tapping the share button to send a tweet via DM will not show conversations pinned to the top – Twitter seems to have kept the chronological order of chats for this menu.

Pinned conversations are a common feature found in a number of popular messaging apps – WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Google and Apple messaging apps, and Facebook Messenger offer the ability to pin conversations to the top of a user’s chat list. The microblogging service is the latest of these services to introduce the feature, and it comes on the heels of its acquisition of Slack competitor Quill in December to help it improve its messaging tools.

Last year, Twitter introduced a Labs section to grant early access to Twitter Blue subscribers, allowing users to try out new features before they are rolled out to other users. iOS pinned conversations and longer desktop uploads were the first two features to be tested as part of Twitter Blue Labs. The company’s help center currently lists longer video uploads and NFT (non-fungible token) profile pictures as features available for testing with Twitter Blue Labs, which may be rolled out to all users at a future date.

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