Two-Step Verification of WhatsApp Desktop Test, Voice Call Chat Wallpaper: Report

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 6:31 AM

WhatsApp is working to add some new features and functionality. One of the upcoming updates is said to bring additional security to the instant messaging app, while the other increases the customization of the voice calling interface in the app. According to reports, the former will add 2-step verification to the desktop client in the future, while the latter will allow users to choose and set wallpapers as background for WhatsApp voice calls.

according to one report via WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users will soon have the ability to enable 2-step verification on the desktop client. As per the shared screenshot, users will be able to enable or disable 2-Step Verification, change PIN and change email address in the desktop app. By registering a phone number, WhatsApp allows users to secure their account by adding a custom PIN to log into the account.

This feature is not currently available on WhatsApp, but the report mentions that there are plans to release the feature for the web/desktop client in a future update.

Another report from WABetaInfo States that the instant messaging app owned by Meta will show the chat wallpaper of the account the user is calling. As of now, with this functionality, WhatsApp only shows the default wallpaper in the voice call interface and not a custom chat wallpaper. As this functionality is still under development, it is speculated that WhatsApp may show custom chat wallpapers in the voice call interface.

The new voice call wallpaper has been seen on WhatsApp for iOS and is expected to come to WhatsApp for Android as well. However, according to the report, there is no information about the release of the feature on Android devices.

WhatsApp’s new voice calling interface was first reported last month. The new interface is said to be available for both Android and iOS apps and will have a more compact and modern experience.

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