Uber is back to focus on safety and brings important news for its users

Deepak Gupta July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/07/26 at 12:58 AM

With an increasingly strong presence in Portugal, Uber and other TVDE services have focused their efforts on improving the use of their mobile apps and the services they offer to users.

Thus, Uber announced the latest improvements to its application to optimize the safety of its users. This comes with the launch of its new “Safety Check-Up” feature, designed to protect everyone traveling with this service.




With several proposals dedicated to the safety of users of its service, Uber has focused its concern on strengthening this area. The possibilities are many and cover several areas that need some improvements or news.

A pioneering innovation across the industry, the "Safety Check-Up" feature will encourage users to complete their safety profile. For this, they will have to enter and use Trusted Contacts, PIN Verification and all the "RideCheck" features that are available in the application.

These new solutions are designed to improve the security of the Uber platform:

  • PIN verification: To ensure that the user enters the correct car, it will now be possible to turn on PIN Verification - allowing the driver to enter the code provided by the user before the journey begins.
  • RideCheck: This feature uses GPS technology to detect anomalies during travel, such as a long stop or a potential collision. If the app alerts you to such events, Uber will verify the user and driver and provide resources for assistance.
  • Trusted Contacts: Users can choose their Trusted Contacts in the app and set reminders to share their trip live, so family and friends can follow the trip and ensure the user arrives safely at their destination.

The General Director of Uber in Portugal, Francisco Vilaça, said that the safety of everyone who uses the Uber app is a top priority for the company. It is constantly improving its features to ensure that commitment.

The "Safety Check-Up" will allow users to use the full range of safety tools, which are added to these new features, and which they offer to ensure that their trips are safe with Uber.

The new "Safety Check Up" complements the current security features that this application already offered to users. Until now we had GPS tracking, personal data anonymization, the emergency button, 27/4 support, driver tracking, speed alerts, driving hours limits and various security measures to deal with COVID19 .

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