Ukrainian websites suffer cyberattacks amid tensions with Russia

Deepak Gupta February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 4:13 AM

Days after seeing your neighbor Russia recognize the independence of two territories in civil war, the Ukraine now is the victim of more cyber attacks that are taking down websites in the country. The attacks are of the DDoS type and are being carried out on a massive scale, said Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhaylo Fedorov.

Attacks started on Wednesday but increased in recent days

O NetBlocksthe international internet observatory, published a graph showing the Connectivity drop in Ukraine. NetBlocks indicated that the attack is of the type of Distributed Denial of Service, known by the acronym DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). Mykhaylo Fedorov also published on his telegram that the attack is of the type DDoS. Websites of Ukrainian banks and Armed Forces were some of those attacked.

The European Union sent a cyber rapid response team to assist Ukraine in the attacks. Russia has a tradition of using DDoS to attack rivals, a method used to attack Georgia and Crimea previously. According to the website Ars Technica, a cybermilitary group linked to the Russian government, the Sandworm, is carrying out attacks around the world with the Cyclops Blink malware. This malware is an evolution of VPNFilter, malware that would be used to cause a DDoS in UEFA’s IT infrastructure during the 2018 Champions League final in Kiev, capital of Ukraine.

Hackers attacked Belarus train system to protest Ukraine invasion

The group Cyber-Partisans carried out the attack ransomware on the 24th of January and took control of part of the railway system of Belarus, preventing purchases of train tickets and other services from not working on the Belarusian Railways website (state responsible for the country’s railways). In addition, schedules and freight train service were also affected.

Russia accused of preparing invasion of Ukraine

Since last year, U.S accuses the Russia to prepare an invasion of its neighbour, Ukraine. In 2014, the government of Putin took over Ukraine’s Crimea region, marking the first territorial invasion of Europe since World War II. The invasion accusations were based on reports by intelligence services that detected a huge movement of Russian troops to the country’s border with Ukraine. Putin claims it’s all just a move for a military exercise. The government Biden it’s the United Kingdom removed families from Ukraine diplomats due to the risk of invasion of the country.


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Source: BBC, Ars Techinica

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