US bans shipment of equipment to manufacture 14nm chips to China

Deepak Gupta August 2, 2022
Updated 2022/08/02 at 9:28 AM

The electronic chips sector has been on the rise, especially after a marked shortage of these components that exposed the importance that this market has in the technological world and in various branches, from computers, smartphones, graphics cards, processors, automobiles, among others. others.

Following this, the US created the recent Chips Act, which intends to invest in this sector and, in this way, drastically reduce the dependence on supply from foreign countries. And, in this context, the US government has launched yet another gamble by now banning the shipment of equipment intended for the manufacture of 14 nm chips to China.




US bars shipment of equipment for 14nm chips to China

The recently approved Chips Act was very well received by US companies linked to the sector, as they will have a hefty investment of 52 billion dollars to boost the production of components in the country led by Joe Biden.

However, as time passes, new details about this project begin to be scrutinized and analyzed in more detail. In this sense, it was now revealed a curious point of this project, which had not been commented on much before. Specifically, this point involves China, its chip production equipment and even its own production capacity.

Basically, the project indicates that the United States is prohibited from sending equipment for the manufacture of 14 nm chips to China. Therefore, this ban will make the Chinese production of these components much more complicated. And according to the details revealed, all the manufacturers of this equipment in the US received letters from the Department of Commerce asking them not to supply material to China, especially the equipment, for the production of this lithograph. And this measure directly affects SMIC, which is the main Chinese chip maker, as well as the factories of Taiwanese TSMC that are also located in that territory.

In terms of size, the US is still only a part of the production of equipment for the manufacture of semiconductors. The largest is in Europe, namely the Dutch advanced ASML. But some rumors indicate that the Biden government is also trying to get Japan and Europe to follow the same ban.

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