US Elections: Cyberattacks from Russia, China and Iran Could Interfere

Deepak Gupta July 30, 2022
Updated 2022/07/30 at 12:04 PM

US intelligence services have warned and are concerned about the “high probability” of cyberattacks from Russia, China and Iran in the upcoming US midterm elections. Experts believe in the concerted action scenario.

Apparently Russia is interested in taking advantage of the upcoming mid-term elections for the US Congress later this year to promote a disinformation campaign with a view to reaping benefits from the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Cyberattacks: Putin May Use Hacker Mercenaries to Disturb

FBI Director Christopher Wray explained that Russia will not be alone in this purpose of cyberattacks to interfere in the electoral process, through digital means, and it is also likely that Iran and China have plans to damage American democracy. .

“The Russians want to divide us. The Chinese try to manage our decline. And the Iranians are looking for us to move away from them”, summarized the director of the information agency, showing serious concerns about the level of threat that hangs over the next midterm elections, reveals Lusa.

In early July, the directors of the FBI and MI5 made a very rare joint public appearance in London to denounce the increasing threat of cyberattacks that China poses to world security, referring to the risks of cyberespionage actions by the China over which doubts about collaboration with Russia persist.

cyber attack

The NSA and the FBI even revealed that they have “strong evidence” that the acts of interference in the US elections, which date back to 2016, when former President Donald Trump won, can be repeated in future electoral acts, from the outset. in the mid-term elections, and that Russia will not be the only player.

Some security experts also admit that the Russian President may once again use his hacker mercenaries to disrupt the election process at the end of this year, with the aim of undermining confidence in the integrity of the political process in the United States, in retaliation for the support to Ukraine and in a demonstration of its strength in this geopolitical chessboard.

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