Use Instagram without an account and without registering: This is how it works

Deepak Gupta February 12, 2022
Updated 2022/02/12 at 5:21 PM

Instagram is now widely used in society and many different things take place on the platform. It is therefore quite logical that everyone comes into contact with the site at some point and also becomes curious about who is doing something like that. Fortunately, it is not absolutely necessary to create an account. Instagram can also be uncomplicated use without registration.

Instagram without account and registration? These are your options

In fact, it’s not possible to use all the features on Instagram without an account. So you will never be able to subscribe to accounts, like or comment on posts. You can also write direct messages and create your own posts without registering.

However, you can also see some posts anonymously and without an account. A distinction must be made here between public and private accounts. Anyone can see a public profile, but a “subscription request” must be sent beforehand for a private profile. Alternatively, the account owner can decline the request, which will prevent you from accessing the photos.

Trick: View images in their entirety

Instagram really wants you to register or log in to their platform. If you want to avoid this and still look at a certain account, you can do it with a little help. If you open the respective profile directly in the browser, for example, and then click on one of the posts, you will be asked to log in. However, if someone who is already registered forwards the link to a post to you, you can then also call up all of the person’s posts. An example is the following link, with which you can now access the images of the Funke media group even without an account:

Viewing an Instagram story without your own profile: is that possible?

Even if a profile is public, you usually can’t watch stories without logging in. The only trick here is to go through an external platform like Dumpor. On the website you can enter the name of the desired profile and then look at the posts, but also the person’s stories anonymously. However, this page is also sometimes faulty and does not load pictures and stories.

Conclusion: Only limited access to Instagram without an account

While it’s actually possible to watch some stuff on Instagram without an account, it can still be annoying. Many functions are not possible, and the platform keeps asking you if you don’t want to register. Depending on how curious you are, it can also be worth creating an account for it. You can also delete an Instagram account in no time as soon as you no longer feel like it. You can also easily see your activity on Instagram.

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