Useful tools to have in the home workshop

Deepak Gupta July 27, 2022
Updated 2022/07/27 at 1:46 PM

DIY is something necessary in every home. Some people are more skillful than others and some are not willing to do it, it’s true. However, it is a fact that without the right tools it will be much more difficult to carry out even the simplest tasks.

So today we bring you some more tool suggestions.

HOTO Laser (Mi Home App)

The first suggestion goes to the HOTO Laser. This small device allows you to measure areas and large spaces at leisure, and in addition to the values ​​appearing on an integrated OLED panel, the information can still be consulted in the Xiaomi Mi Home app.

It allows measuring distances up to a maximum of 30 meters and has a variation in precision of only 2 mm.

HOTO Laser (Mi Home App) home tools

The HOTO Laser is available for just €18 (VAT included), using the discount code HekkaHoto0613.

HOTO Laser

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Wrench Kit

A very useful product to have at home is a set of precision keys. This particular one from Xiaomi was already quite popular in its manual form, but being electric, it raises its quality even more and helps when using it.

The quality of the material is very good, in dark gray aluminum alloy, and it includes 32 keys, 6 of which are longer. The maximum no-load speed is 200r/min. The kit comes in a very compact box measuring just 201.8 x 74.2 x 25.2mm and weighing 353g.

Useful tools to have in the home workshop

The Xiaomi Mijia Electrical Precision Screwdriver Kit 2 electric key is available for just €25 (VAT included), with the discount code HEKKAAFMI0715.

Xiaomi Mijia Electrical Precision Screwdriver Kit 2

Xiaomi Mijia 1S Multi-function air pump

Whether for balls, bicycles, inflatable pools, buoys, bicycle tires or even motorcycles, having an air pump at home or even always in your backpack can save the day.

This device is quite small, easy to carry, has 5 inflation modes, the battery is charged via USB Type-C and offers a maximum pressure of 150psi.

Useful tools to have in the home workshop

The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Multi-function portable pump is priced at just €35 (VAT included), with the discount code HekkaAFPump1.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S Multi-function 5 Modes Air Pump

Xiaomi Mijia YEELOCK

Anyone who has small children at home knows how curious they are and their tendency to go messing around where they shouldn't. That's why there tends to be a readjustment of the cabinets in the house, moving medicines and detergents to higher shelves, putting locks on the doors of cabinets and kitchen drawers, among many other tricks to "cheat" the little ones.

But there are other scenarios that force us to keep our cupboards and drawers locked. For those who have weapons, jewelry, money, important documents and even gadgets, and want to keep them more secure, it may be important to have a strong lock.

Useful tools to have in the home workshop

This little gadget from Xiaomi Mijia is very cheap and makes the smartphone serve as a key to open doors and drawers.

To do this, simply install the lock in the desired location, install the device on your smartphone, via Bluetooth, using the dedicated mobile app, and you are ready to protect your goods.

The Xiaomi Mijia YEELOCK smart padlock is priced at €11.90 (VAT included), using the code HekkaYEELOCK.

Xiaomi Mijia YEELOCK

Other promotions not to be missed

The code is still available hekka29-10 for a €10 discount on purchases over €29.

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