Vehicles will increase in price! Know what the reason is

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 24, 2022
Updated 2022/07/24 at 1:57 AM

Vehicle prices will increase! Currently, there are several factors that can lead to price increases, such as the pandemic or the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The secretary general of the National Association of Automotive Commerce and Repair Companies (ANECRA) believes that the new regulation on general vehicle safety will bring prices up.

On the 6th, the new measures adopted in 2019 by the European Parliament and the Member States entered into force, which introduced the obligation, in new models, of safety devices to assist the driver to improve road safety.

New mandatory systems that will increase vehicle prices

  • ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance): automatic speed limiter that will cross-reference GPS information with local data of the road the driver is on, the driver will be prevented from exceeding speed limits;
  • Internal Monitoring Camera System: assesses the driver's condition through internal cameras. Warn the driver in case of drowsiness and distraction (use of cell phones, for example). You can lock the vehicle if you notice that the driver is not able to drive because of drugs or alcohol;
  • Event Data Recorder (EDR): Vehicle black box, which records what happened in the event of an accident;
  • Camera System and Reverse Assist: becomes mandatory for all vehicles, using the camera and sensors;
  • Automatic emergency stop: the vehicle recognizes the red light;
  • Lane Keeping Assistance: automatic system that ensures that the vehicle does not leave the lane abruptly;
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEBS): the radar continuously measures the distance between vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and performs emergency braking if the driver does not respond in good time;
  • Optimized Seat Belts: tested in frontal shock simulations;
  • Optimized safety glasses: tested in frontal shock simulations;
  • Side impact protection bar: to improve the safety of vehicle occupants;
  • Improved vision of bus and truck drivers: objective is to remove blind spots from conductors;
  • Warning systems on the front and side of the vehicle: to detect and warn drivers about pedestrians and cyclists on the road, especially when cornering;
  • Automatic tire pressure monitoring system

Vehicles will increase in price!  Know what the reason is

For Roberto Gaspar, secretary-general of the National Association of Automobile Commerce and Repair Companies (ANECRA), there is "a logical consequence: vehicles will become more expensive" and, on that, "there is no turning back", but he considers that for the driver it is "a step forward from a safety point of view".

"From the moment they are required in all models that leave the factory, this, of course, means an increase in vehicles. It doesn't mean that over time this was not introduced", he said, referring to the introduction of such as 'airbags', or ABS braking.

Even so, he considered that the average price of new cars is already rising "because more and more electrified vehicles are being driven".

With these advanced mandatory assistance systems, the European Union estimates that 25,000 lives will be saved and at least 140,000 serious injuries avoided by 2038.

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