ViaMichelin GPS: How much does your trip cost (fuel + tolls)?

Deepak Gupta June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 2:38 PM

Do you already know the ViaMichelin GPS platform? Every week we see a rise and fall in fuel prices. This week the price of diesel is expected to increase by almost 4 cents and the price of gasoline is expected to drop by around 7 cents.

If you want to know how much a trip costs, today we bring you a good suggestion. Let’s get to know the Via Michelin platform.

There are several navigation applications that are currently available in the market. Google Maps and Waze are certainly the most popular, but there are others are equally interesting.

One of the apps that has always stood out in this segment is ViaMichelin GPS because it has all the necessary functions in terms of navigation, but also because it integrates a "route planner", which allows us to know, for example, the price of a trip (fuel + tolls) and many other useful features.

Main features of ViaMichelin GPS

  • Choice of map: Michelin maps, Simplified, Satellite
  • Routes with real-time traffic
  • GPS navigation with 3D mapping and voice guidance
  • Community incident alerts
  • Possibility to add information about your vehicle
  • Presentation of the total cost of fuel for a trip
  • Presentation of the toll value
  • car booking
  • hotel booking
  • Discover tourist attractions
  • Meteorology

With the significant rise in fuel prices, ViaMichelin GPS allows us to know how much a trip costs. We can indicate the value of the fuel that the platform takes care of doing the math. The final price includes the price of tolls and fuel (at the current price).

An interesting feature is the fact that this platform graphically displays the cost of the trip. In the case of tolls, these appear in detail.

As can be seen in the following images, the user can choose the points of his route, choose the type of transport, fuel, fuel price, among other information. After calculating all the routes, the application displays the total number of kilometers, the total price of the tolls and the estimated time for the trip.

In addition to the Android and iOS versions, ViaMichelin is also available online here. If you are looking for a good and complete navigation tool, try this one and don't forget to give us your feedback.

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