Video surveillance in forest areas with drones receives OK

Deepak Gupta July 30, 2022
Updated 2022/07/30 at 9:16 PM

The National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) gave a favorable opinion to a request by the GNR to use a portable video surveillance system in forest areas considered priority for the prevention of fires.

Thus, the National Civil Protection Authority will be able to capture images until October 31.

System consists of nine portable cameras that will be attached to drones

The opinion, published on the CNPD page dated July 29, allows for video surveillance in forest areas using drones. The video surveillance system aims to guarantee “forest protection and the detection of rural fires in the forest areas of the municipalities and parishes identified as priority, according to the classification of the Institute for the Conservation of Forests.

According to the opinion, the system consists of nine portable cameras that will be attached to piloted aircraft (drones).

Video surveillance in forest areas with drones receives OK

According to document...

The areas subject to surveillance via video surveillance supported by this equipment correspond to forest areas and uninhabited areas, in shadow areas of the lookout posts and in areas where other forms of surveillance are not accessible, in order to guarantee adequate coverage of the areas of greater risk, shadow zones and areas with a greater history of occurrences and forest fires

The CNPD also justifies the positive opinion on this request with the fact that the video surveillance system focuses “only on uninhabited forest areas, with very difficult or impossible access by land, where, therefore, there will, in principle, be no capture of images of people” , since the objective is not “to detect or track individuals”.

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