Vivo increases control plan monthly fees by up to 17%

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 8:38 PM

Vivo is communicating users, through your page, which is carrying out an adjustment in the monthly fees of the Control Plans. The operator is also sending SMS messages to customers, informing them that it will be readjusting four plans. At price changes can reach up to 17% depending on the package.

The operator also informs that the changes will be accompanied by 1GB more per month for the plans that have suffered, with the intention of offering a quality service that meets the needs of customers. The information of the change of plans was made official through public notice.

According to Vivo, the values ​​of mobile services were valid until 01/12/2022, so the company is: “updating prices and plans to continue providing the best connectivity for you and all people who believe in a more digital world”.

Discover the new prices

  • VIVO Control 3GB III – Adjustment of 17% + 1GB of internet, from R$29.99 per month to R$34.99 per month;
  • VIVO Control 3GB II Monthly – Adjustment of 17% + 1GB of internet, from R$29.99 per month to R$34.99 per month;
  • VIVO Control 3GB I – Adjustment of 14.3% + 1GB of internet, from R$34.99 per month to R$39.99 per month;
  • VIVO Control 4GB – Adjustment of 12.5% ​​+ 1GB of internet, from R$39.99 per month to 44.99 per month.

The new values ​​will be applied from April and will automatically offer the extra 1GB of internet. Depending on the due date chosen for the invoice, the account with the new monthly fee for the Control plans will only arrive in May.

Vivo, along with Claro and Tim, are the three Brazilian operators that won the auction for the main 5G frequency band. With the advancement of 5G internet in Brazil, we can expect the emergence of new plans, which may be more attractive depending on the user’s needs. By the end of 2022, 5G internet should reach, at least, all Brazilian capitals.


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