Vivo X80 smartphone with Dimensity 9000 processor takes the top spot in benchmarks

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 9:10 AM

With the announcement of the new generation of chipsets dimensiona MediaTek made it clear that it aims to fight head on in the various segments of chipsets for smartphones. To show that it was serious, the company presented the new top-of-the-line SoC at the time. Dimension 9000which has just surpassed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 gives Qualcomm in new benchmarks.

From what was found by the portal GSMArenaa device of Alivewith the codename of V2186Awhich is a model of the series Vivo X80 company equipped with the new dimension, simply appeared at the top of the top smartphone test rankings. Supposedly, if you take into account the family Vivo X70possibly this device is the newest X80 Pro.

On test antutuwhere the Dimension 9000 had already appeared as a pretty impressive performance, the device again achieved an incredible score of 1,072,221which, for comparison, is higher than the 1,056,488 in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and of the 968,359 of the Exynos 2200.

Credits: Playback / GSMArena

In another test, carried out in Geekbench 5 of CPU, the model also took the lead over its main competitors in the smartphone market android. The new model of MediaTek reached a p1,248 single-core and 4,191 multi-core scoressurpassing the model of Qualcommwhich made 1,246 and 3,855 respectively, and that of Samsungwhich had a score of 1,180 and 3,657.

Credits: Playback / GSMArena

At least in tests, the Dimension 9000 is delivering on what was promised by its manufacturer, which stated that it will be a competitive chipset with the top-of-the-line model of the competition. However, these numbers do not show the real performance of the SoC during the day to day, so we will only know for sure about the model when it is officially released.

About the possible smartphone Vivo X80 Proits listing in the test antutu also reveals that the smartphone will have a screen with a 120Hz refresh, 12GB of RAM and a version with 512GB of storage. unfortunately the Alive has not yet confirmed when the launch of the device will be, but it should happen in the coming months.


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Source: weibo, GSMArena

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