Volkswagen adds up to 20 miles of range to 2022 ID.4

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 2:23 AM

Volkswagen has revealed the EPA estimated ranges for the 2022 ID.4 lineup, and it looks like the work the automaker has done to make the EV more efficient has paid off. All versions have the same 82 kWh battery and output motors, and VW has improved the range of each version compared to last year’s ID.4 models.

The rear-wheel drive ID.4 Pro has a EPA estimated range 280 miles, 20 miles longer than the 2021 model. With an EPA estimated range of 268 miles, the rear-wheel drive Pro S has an increased range of 18 miles.

The increased ranges of the all-wheel drive versions are more modest. The AWD Pro has an EPA estimated range of 251 miles, while the AWD Pro S has an estimated range of 245 miles. Those are two-mile and five-mile increases in range, respectively, compared to the 2021 models.

VW attributes the increases to improved MPGe fuel economy. The EPA estimates the RWD Pro and RWD Pro S to have combined city/highway fuel economy of 112 MPGe and 106 MPGe, which are increases of 13 MPGe and nine MPGe, respectively. The EPA estimates that the fuel economy of the AWD Pro and Pro S has improved by four MPGe and two MPGe, respectively.

The automaker has also improved DC fast charging capabilities on all 2022 models from 125 kW to 135 kW. Buyers will get three years of unlimited 30-minute fast-charging sessions on the included Electrify America stations at no extra cost. A Plug and Charge feature will allow drivers to plug their car into an Electrify America station and automatically charge the battery and, if necessary, their bill. The feature will be available later.

VW has raised the base price of all ID.4 models this year for $765. The RWD Pro starts at $40,760 and the Pro S is $45,260. For AWD models, the Pro starts at $44,440 and the Pro S starts at $48,940. The destination fee for each model is $1,195.

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