Volkswagen and Bosch to jointly build giga battery plants in Europe

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 8:03 PM

OGVolkswagen Group and the Bosch announced that they are signing a memorandum of understanding to create a joint venture that will offer battery equipment solutions on European soil. As a result, companies are analyzing industrial-scale solutions for creating batteries on European soil, which can in the companies creating a superfactory in the Old Continent.

This new company, which will be made by the two giants, will aim to offer “integrated battery production systems as well as on-site construction and maintenance support for battery cell and system manufacturers.” As pointed out by TechCrunch, this joint venture is expected to help the automaker reach its goal of building six giga cell factories by 2030.

the interest of Volkswagen Group in this agreement is its own internal development project for a new ‘unified cell’, which it has been developing in partnership with Gotion High-Tech. The automaker intends to equip this future new technology in the ‘ Scalable Systems Platform‘ (SSP), which is the company’s new electric vehicle platform.

Credits: Volkswagen Publicity

However, alone the Volkswagen wouldn’t be able to fulfill her ambitions with batteries for her electric cars, so she ended up looking for a partner. With the creation of a joint venture with Bosch, the automaker will not only be able to carry out its plans, but also serve other factories and companies in Europe.

“There is strong and growing demand for all aspects of battery production, including new gigafactory equipment. Volkswagen and Bosch will explore opportunities to develop and shape this new multi-billion industry in Europe.”
– Said the VW board member responsible for the automaker’s battery plans, Thomas Schmall.

It is an interest of European Battery Alliance achieve that a third of the world’s batteries are produced on European soil, for Europe and local companies to become less dependent on dominant markets such as South Korea and China.


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Source: Volkswagen, TechCrunch, InsideEVs

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