Want a VPN on your Android? Opera also now offers a Pro version in your browser

Deepak Gupta May 27, 2022
Updated 2022/05/27 at 12:19 AM

More and more smartphone and PC users want the layer of security that a VPN offers. These are typically associated with dedicated services and are not always simple to configure.

Opera wants to cut corners and help users and that’s why it now has a novelty. Its Android browser now offers users an integrated VPN, which is simple to activate and increases security and privacy.

Using a VPN has a list of obvious advantages for operating system users. They can guarantee an additional layer of protection at any time, keeping your data safe and away from prying eyes.

Of course these must be kept simple to use and with minimal interference to users. Opera followed this path and now has a VPN integrated into its browser dedicated to Android, reinforcing the initial proposal that existed.

Opera VPN browser Android Pro

After a few years in which its free solution was the only offer on Opera, the change came with the Pro proposal of this browser-native VPN. This one is finally available and can be used, for a monthly fee, associated with a Pro plan of this VPN.

The proposal continues to have a free version of the VPN, but it is now complemented with some extras. It is extended to the entire smartphone and not just the browser, it can be used on 6 Android smartphones and gives access to more than 3 thousand servers.

Opera VPN browser Android Pro

The price at which Opera will have this service will be adjusted to the period that the user wants. This starts with 5.49 euros per month, 16.14 euros per semester (2.69 euros per month) or 21.49 euros per year (1.79 euros per month).

Another interesting novelty is the extension of this VPN proposal by Opera. For now it is restricted to Android, but the plans are that it will evolve and may soon be extended to the desktop version of this browser.

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