Want to have a Nothing Phone (1)? The best will be to transform your smartphone

Deepak Gupta July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 12:59 AM

Nothing Phone (1) is the phone of the moment. Unveiled last week, it revealed much more than its specs and unique design. There is a lot to discover and the brand made a point of showing its philosophy.

With this status achieved, it is naturally the smartphone that everyone wants to have in their pocket and use on a daily basis. As it is still not simple, there are those who have found a solution. dbrand manages to transform your smartphone and from “Nothing managed to do Something”.




The market is flooded with smartphones with excellent features and performance that will certainly please any user. These are proposals that fight fiercely and that need to be supported by their unique features to stand out.

That's what Nothing achieved with the Phone (1), especially in its design. Its back has a set of lights that will react to what notifications and other alerts trigger on Android and what apps need to show the user.

It is precisely this totally different panel that dbrand created for your covers and for smartphone protection. The brand wants to bring a bit of Nothing Phone (1) to the models currently on the market, even those that are not Android.

With attractive prices, we were able to buy a case for an iPhone for only 54.90 dollars, guaranteeing a back cover and a screen protector. There is also the presence of a microfiber cloth and other useful elements to keep the smartphone. A protection will cost $24.95 for the same iPhone.

Nothing Phone (1) dbrand smartphone

dbrand's approach is curious, as they don't understand that they are copying Nothing. They prefer to see it as plagiarism, being uniquely qualified to extract an industrial design aesthetic and "reinterpret it creatively" for other devices. And yes, they guarantee that it is definitely not a crime, as they verified.

It is in this very creative way that they can already have a Nothing Phone (1) or at least their aesthetic is totally different from the common one. It's a different approach and it's sure to transform your smartphone, at least on a first hit.

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