Warning: 19 unknown numbers with “telephone terror” potential

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 15, 2021
Updated 2021/12/15 at 7:25 PM

One will appear on your cell phone or phone screen unknown number? Sometimes this can mean that the call is spam. If you are literally bombarded by them, you can report them to platforms such as Clever Dialer or tellows. Each month, both websites compile the spam numbers users have complained about most often. You shouldn’t call back on any of the following. If you receive a call, you can safely hang up or not answer at all.

Keep this in mind when calling
– Healthy distrust is important and not rude
– Never reveal passwords or account details
– Never share your electricity meter reading
– Courts, banks and authorities will never ask you to pay over the phone
– Never allow remote access to your PC

Beware of these 19 unknown numbers

Not only is it very annoying to be called regularly from unknown numbers, but it can also be dangerous if you fall for fraudsters on the phone.

Often there are spam callers on the other side of the line: inside who answer very authentically with name and company, but want to sell you a new contract or competition in which you lose something rather than win. Above all, you should make sure that you don’t say “yes” on the phone.

As in the previous months, Clever Dialer detected ten phone spam numbers for the period November 2021. You should be careful of these unknown numbers. You can safely ignore them:

  • 0031686157052 (cost trap)
  • 06920436149 (other)
  • 061194583281 (Sales)
  • 030201649242 (other)
  • 086695090941 (Other)
  • 032221788486 (Other)
  • +431246544327 (cost trap)
  • 040655893301 (Other)
  • 015783349220 (competition)
  • 015211284934 (competition)

The top November 2021 spam numbers from tellows are as follows. They were the most reported to the platform in the past month.

  • 03021780228 (opinion polls)
  • 020121960862 (opinion polls)
  • 015214547081 (aggressive advertising)
  • 015217952687 (aggressive advertising)
  • 017650642602 (telephone terror)
  • 02317257820 (telephone terror)
  • 0891247111346 (telephone terror)
  • 086695090941 (aggressive advertising)
  • 01739850189 (aggressive advertising)
  • 021332463890 (debt collection company)

The two platforms have the following number in common: 086695090941. It was blocked more than 1,000 times by Clever Dialer and received a rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars. Users report, for example, aggressiveness and intrusiveness on the phone.

For months now, the number 06920436149 from Frankfurt am Main has been in the first place at Clever Dialer. It has been blocked more than 1,400 times and is rated 1.3 out of 5 stars (based on 1,022 ratings). People called report that some of them have already been called 30 times even though they have blocked the number. The spam call is also warned at tellows. Note that if you ask, you never share your meter number and the meter reading of your electricity.

The number will be topped in November 2021 by a Dutch telephone number: 03021780228. In the past 30 days alone, it annoyed more than 4,000 people called.

You can do this with unknown numbers

If an unknown number calls you over and over again, you can usually block it on your phone or cell phone. You can also report suspicious numbers to the Federal Network Agency. There you can either pronounce a penalty or block the number. This is where you get to the page.

Here we explain how you can mute annoying advertising calls on your mobile phone. There is also a way you can find out withheld numbers or trace other unknown numbers. Here are three questions to ask if you suspect you are getting a spam call.

Sources: Clever Dialer, tellows

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