Watch BBC video showing forest like never before filmed by FPV drones

Deepak Gupta February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 1:00 PM

A few days ago, the BBC released a video showing never-before-seen footage of tropical forests captured by a drone FPV. The images were captured with cameras GoPro attached to the vehicle. To fly between branches and leaves without the risk of falling, smaller equipment was used than the conventional drones used in recordings of this style.

In the content below “Filming the Impossible with Drones”, forests covered by snow, drier environments and even a waterfall are shown up close.

According to BBC production assistant Louis Rummer-Downing, the tiny drone can “fly in almost limitless ways”. use to get those kind of photos, so that makes them really special and gives us a whole new perspective on the rainforest,” said the production assistant.

“This drone offers images we’ve never seen before in any wildlife film and that perspective is entirely new. It gives us the ability to put the camera in the plant world and fly through it in a really immersive way, so we’re very happy.”

The footage also shows the pilot’s work as he lands safely on an observatory tower in the middle of the forest, with the help of a safety net. In the video, rig pilot Andrew Lawrence also says that some image capture routes are more complicated than others.

FPV drone landing on a tower (Image: Reproduction/BBC)

Rainforest recording made with FPV drone and GoPro cameras is part of the series “The Green Planet”by BBC naturalist Sir David Attenborough.


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Via: Dronexl Source: BBC

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