Watch out! If using Tails it’s best to stop until an emergency update comes out

Deepak Gupta May 26, 2022
Updated 2022/05/26 at 7:59 AM

Tails is one of the most privacy-focused Linux distributions. Using the Tor network, it ensures that all Internet browsing is safe and without sharing essential data that could reveal user information.

With Tails version 5 released, users have received a lot of important news. Now, from what it turned out, they also received a serious problem that leads to a breach of the expected privacy. The situation is serious and it is requested that this version is no longer used.

Although it can be installed like any other operating system, many choose to use Tail in a different way. Using a pen or a cd/dvd, they use the Live version to browse the Internet and guarantee a unique layer of privacy.

By using this version, it is guaranteed that no records are on your PC, which can then be accessed. At the same time, there is also the guarantee that the navigation is not heard or that the data is read by third parties, often creating situations of censorship.

Tails Firefox browser privacy issue

Now, and in an unexpected situation, the creators of Tails recommend that this live version is not used. A flaw in Tor Browser is compromising this distribution and allowing user data to be accessed.

Specifically, the flaw is in Firefox’s javascript engine and has not yet been addressed in this distribution to protect users. Discovered at Pwn2Own 2022, it was already treated by Mozilla and gave rise to Firefox 100.0.2, presented a few days ago.

Tails Firefox browser privacy issue

The seriousness of the problem is great, to the point that it is recommended that Tails 5.0 not be used in any situation. In fact, only those who do not have javascript enabled can use Tor Browser without fear of data theft.

When using an external browser, in this case Firefox, Tail is exposed to the problems that arise in this proposal. Hopefully, however, developers who maintain this distribution will update to the latest version of Firefox and this problem will disappear for good. Until then, its use should be avoided.

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