watchOS 9 will include a battery saving mode like iOS and iPadOS

Deepak Gupta April 15, 2022
Updated 2022/04/15 at 9:36 PM

Apple introduced Low Power Mode in iOS 11. With this feature, iPhone reduces the amount of power consumed when the battery is low. When enabled, the option enables power reduction limiting some device functionality, but does not make them useless. In the case of the Apple Watch, until now there was no saving mode in this way, there was a mode that practically turned everything off, leaving only the hourly indication. Now, there are rumors that point to a new watchOS 9 power management.

In the next operating system for the Apple Watch Apple will be able to put in fact a true battery saving mode.

watchOS 9 with Low Power Mode

As we have mentioned (and as Apple itself explain here), iOS and iPadOS battery saver mode allows you to limit iPhone and iPad functions to preserve battery as much as possible. For example, enabling this mode affects 5G connectivity, screen auto-lock, brightness, screen refresh rate, iCloud Photos, background email refresh, and background updates.

These features reduce your activity or are disabled until Low Battery Mode is turned off.

watchOS, on the other hand, has a power reserve mode. This allows the user to have information on the time until the battery runs out. However, all other options are completely disabled.

According to analyst Mark Gurman, Apple may be considering including a battery saver mode that will allow the Apple Watch to run some applications and functions by limiting the power used. This would increase battery life and, above all, increase the efficiency of the Apple Watch Series 8 (as well as the rest) when it launches.

This is just another attempt by Apple to try to improve the autonomy of its smartwatches. Because it hasn't increased in recent years. The arrival of this mode, a new chip and hardware optimization in the Series 8 would mean an increase in the autonomy of the future watch.

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