We tested a resin 3D printer! Getting to know Creality LD006

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 12:56 AM

3D printing is increasingly popular and resin printing is the method that has attracted the most attention. Resin printing works with an ultra-violet light base and a suspended base on which the object is printed. These printers are becoming more popular for the excellent work they can do with action figures and other high-precision objects.

The printing accuracy in the case of the Creality LD006 is 0.05 millimeters! This means that for each layer of this thickness, a new detail will be passed to the final result.

With more people interested in this area, websites appeared to house 3D objects shared by professionals from different areas. Sites like Thingiverse, My Mini Factory and Printed Obsession have several pieces available for free.

Resin 3D printing ensures greater accuracy with layers up to 0.05mm

From there anyone can download it, put it in their printer software and start printing. In this video we use Rarin Scorioin48’s Kratos project to show a little bit of how a print from scratch works.

And as mentioned in the video, this type of technology has been important for several areas, facilitating the daily lives of patients and professionals in dental offices, for example.

Dentists already use this tool to form molds of the dental arch, something that is usually done with plaster molds, which often cause anxiety and are uncomfortable. Keep an eye out here on the channel and on the website, whenever we have something new to share involving the subject we will share the information with you.


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