Weak passwords on the Internet? Google doesn’t want to and is already preparing Chrome for that

Deepak Gupta July 28, 2022
Updated 2022/07/28 at 1:00 AM

Google has both to ensure the protection and security of its users and their data on the Internet. For this, it created several tools and several levels of protection, which spread across all its services and applications.

One of the most complicated points to guarantee this protection is even the passwords, which are not always as complex as they need to be. To help users, Chrome will soon have another help, which will show the “quality” of the passwords set.




Even more security in the Google browser

There are already many tools that Chrome has to guarantee the protection of users when they browse the Internet. Being also a password manager, it is natural that Google also focuses on this area and bets here on having some important news.

This is how a novelty is being prepared to guarantee users that only strong passwords are used to access the different sites. The idea is to ensure that the necessary complexity is present and thus a high level of protection as well.

Passwords Chrome Google Security Protection

Show the "quality" of the defined passwords

than can be seen already in an entrance in Chromium's code management, there's something new on the way. We are talking about the information about the complexity of the saved passwords and that will be an important help for users to know if they are protected or not.

As many other password managers already have, this will be simple information to read and interpret. It will show 3 possible colors (green, yellow and red) and it will be simple to understand if it is necessary to increase the complexity.

Passwords Chrome Google Security Protection

Coming soon to Chrome and users

As it is still under development, there is no estimated date for its arrival. It should be possible to activate this improvement in advance by activating a simple flag in Chrome, as Google currently allows.

It's curious to see that Google is just now bringing this improvement to Chrome's password manager. It's something that many other managers have had for a long time and that proves to be important for users to have a clear view of the protection that their passwords offer on the Internet.

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