Well hidden in your Prime membership: 5 free services that many people don’t even know

Deepak Gupta January 31, 2022
Updated 2022/01/31 at 7:12 AM

Do you have yours? Amazon Prime Membership have you ever taken a closer look? In addition to the extensive streaming offer and the premium options for shipping, there is a lot more in the subscription. You may not even have heard of some extras. You are regularly entitled to free articles.

If you buy a lot on Amazon, the paid subscription is worthwhile in a number of ways. Both standard and premium shipping are free of charge for you and delivery often takes place after a short time. The benefits of your Amazon Prime membership don’t stop there. Because if you know your way around well enough, you can even get some products completely free of charge.

#1 Prime members save when booking on Booking.com

Unusual but true. If you want to book a holiday through Booking.com, you are entitled to a discount. You can access the offer via the relevant campaign page. It is only available to Prime customers from Germany and Austria.

According to Booking.com, “Amazon Prime members (…) get 10% of their booking price back as travel credit and get instant access to Genius discounts”. Behind the latter is the loyalty program of the travel portal, which offers even more discounts in addition to the savings option when booking: “Genius offers at least 10% discount on selected options in accommodations around the world”.

#2 Discounts for the whole family with Amazon Family

Not only you, but also your entire family can benefit from Amazon Prime. In the form of savings coupons and a savings option, young families with small children or newborns can get necessary items such as diapers and baby food at a lower price.

There is a 20 percent discount, for example, if these products are purchased as a saver subscription. Condition: You must have at least five such savings subscriptions delivered to the same address per month.

You can set up a savings subscription for products that you have to buy regularly. They are then automatically reordered and delivered to you at an interval specified by you.

#3 Free books on Amazon Prime Reading

It all started with books at Amazon. It is not surprising that the Amazon Prime membership also provides special offers in this area. The special feature: You can use dozens of digital books for free via Amazon Prime Reading. All you have to do is go to the relevant page and borrow the book of your choice for one of the supported devices.

Other books are available to download as Kindle editions for a small fee of $2.49. The current top 3 in the Amazon Prime Reading area gives a small overview of what users currently prefer here.

Top 3 bestsellers in Amazon Prime Reading (as of 01/31/2022):

  • Josephine Cantrell: As the days grew quieter
  • Julianne MacLean: Two summers in Tuscany
  • Loreth Anne White: None will live

#4 Free Games on Amazon Prime Gaming

If you want even more products for free, the subscription will also help you in the area of ​​gaming. Every month, Amazon gives away several top games to Prime members, which you can download in the full version and keep forever. Even if you have canceled your membership, the games are still yours.

Yet until February 1st Amazon Prime members, for example, can do the same several games for free and download the full version. This also includes games that have been rated good to very good on the Steam platform.

Current free games at Amazon Prime Gaming (as of January 31, 2022)

  • “Paper Beast – Folded Edition” (2020): 96% positive rating from 57 reviews on Steam
  • “In Other Waters” (2020): 92% positive ratings from 816 reviews on Steam
  • “Two Point Hospital” (2018): 92% positive ratings from 19,516 reviews on Steam

#5 Special discounts at Amazon Warehouse

After all, you can get numerous items in the “Amazon Warehouse” not for free, but significantly cheaper. If you don’t know the category yet, you have to search for it first. The references to the product category are few and far between, but you can at least find them in the footer and in the navigation of the search bar on Amazon. Here you can buy so-called B-goods at a reduced price, i.e. products that have already been opened and used.

For customers with an Amazon Prime membership, there is another advantage from time to time. Because with special promotions only for members, the already inexpensive items are even cheaper. Only recently Amazon sold the goods there with an additional discount of 30 percent.

There are currently no special offers for Prime members (as of January 31, 2022). If you still want to look around the warehouse without an additional discount for the time being, you can differentiate between the used products listed there based on different quality categories:

Quality levels offered at Amazon Warehouse

  • Used – Like New: Maximum damaged packaging, the item is perfect and fully functional
  • Used – very good: Item in very good condition, possibly little used but fully functional, slight blemishes possible
  • Used-good: Item in good condition with moderate signs of wear, but fully functional, optical damage such as scratches possible
  • Used – Acceptable: Item may have significant signs of wear, but fulfills its primary function, signs of wear may appear in the form of dents, scratches and worn edges

How much does an Amazon Prime membership currently cost?

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can subscribe quickly and easily. Currently it costs you 7.99 euros per month. But you can too one-off 69 euros pay and thereby save even more. Because converted, the fee is then only 5.75 euros per month.

for students Incidentally, Amazon offers a separate offer. You don’t pay any fees for the first six months and then only 50 percent, so 3.99 euros per month.

What else is included with Amazon Prime?

In addition to the exclusive benefits mentioned above, Amazon’s Prime membership naturally offers even more. This includes Amazon Prime Video for streaming, the general offer of Amazon Prime Gaming, but also the following specials and services:

  • Free premium shipping
  • Prime deals: Selected offers accessible every Thursday between 7am and midnight.
  • Prime Video Channels: Channels that you can add to Prime Video for a fee.
  • Prime Music: Access to more than two million songs, Bundesliga live streams, various playlists or personally selected radio stations.
  • Prime Photos: Store unlimited photos on Amazon Drive.
  • Prime Samples: order Sample sizes of different products. You can have the value credited to your customer account the next time you make a purchase.
  • Free eBooks, eMagazines and Co.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime membership?

The good news is that you can cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time. Under “My Memberships and Subscriptions” or directly in the “My Prime Membership” category you will find the option “Update, cancel and more”. If you click on “End membership” and confirm your entry, you can easily unsubscribe from the subscription.

tip: By the way, this also applies and is allowed if you only took out your Amazon Prime membership for special offers such as the annual Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday at Amazon. This also offers you, for example, a lot of additional discounts and savings. Once it’s over, you don’t have to stick with your subscription.

Sources: Amazon

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