What are your Pokemon cards worth? Here’s how to find out

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
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For 20 years now, the hype surrounding the colorful pocket monsters from Japan has not diminished. On the contrary, they are more popular than ever, mainly due to the constant expansion of the franchise through numerous video game titles, films and various merchandise, such as their trading cards. The latter in particular will not only appeal to children until 2022, but collectors and nostalgics in particular will be able to do something with them. how much yours Pokemon cards worth are and how you can recognize this value, we will explain to you below for this reason.

Pokemon Cards: Value, Rarity, and Everything Else You Should Know

To determine the value of your Pokémon cards, you should first gather some basic information about them. Because “rare” does not always mean equally valuable, especially not when your cards have visible defects. But there are simple methods that can help you differentiate your potentially valuable treasures from the more common pieces in your collection.

So before you get offers and reviews, it’s worth taking a closer look at your trading cards, which have been lying around in the cardboard box under your bed for years, dusty. This helps to roughly categorize the cards according to: age or publication date, edition, “rarity” and edition and of course according to their condition. As a rule, nobody wants cards that are too dirty or destroyed, even if they are 20 years old.

Once you have this process behind you, you can not only go looking for potential buyers, but also get offers and reviews from experts. We will then explain how the whole thing works in turn.

Determine the rarity of a Pokémon card

A good place to start when determining the value of a Pokémon card is the rarity of the card. Among other things, it tells you whether your card is a version of the first edition. It also tells you how common the card is in its set, whether it’s a common or uncommon card. If it is also holographic, this can mean an additional increase in its value.

So that you can already sort your collection a bit, we will explain to you in a quick run-through what you should pay attention to. The symbol in the lower right corner of the card and the number next to it play a particularly important role:

  • Circle = frequent card, also called “common”, which is very likely to be drawn from a booster pack
  • Diamond = uncommon cards, also known as uncommons, such as first-level evolutions or unevolved Basic Pokémon
  • Star = rare card, also called rare, which is mainly carried by Pokémon of the second stage of development, but also legendary and special Pokémon
  • If the card has a glittering, holographic effect, it is called a “holo”. They are usually marked in listings with an “H” after their star symbol.
  • 3 stars = “Shimmering Pokemon” with an unusual color, also called “Triple Star”.
  • Gold Star = “Pokémon LEGENDS”, meaning only legendary Poké-creatures. With a few exceptions, you always see two Pokémon in the artwork.
  • Silver star = Pokémon ex, Pokémon Primus or as a level indication
  • White Star = ultra rare card
  • Promo cards = no specific symbol, more event-dependent, but still in high demand
  • 1st edition = small symbol, which provides information about the respective edition
  • Misprints and miscuts

How much is your Pokemon card worth?

After you have roughly filtered which cards in your collection are suitable in terms of their rarity, age and nature, you can start right away. The surest way to find out the value of your Pokémon cards is to consult a professional. In advance, however, it helps to inform yourself about various portals.

In times of Google and Co., it should be easy to determine an approximate value for your trading cards. Simply type the name of your card into a search engine of your choice, add the rarity and its serial number (bottom right) and start the search. There are several reputable portals, for example:

  • eBay and eBay Classifieds
  • Cardmarket (exchange and sales exchange for trading cards of all kinds)
  • Hood.de
  • (for sealed products such as boosters and displays) Amazon

But there are alternative ways to get the approximate value of one of your Pokémon cards. For example, via communities like Instagram or Facebook’s own marketplace, as well as forums that were set up specifically for card collectors.

In the case of supposed treasures, it is worth going to the specialist

Do you think you’ve found a real treasure? Then it is helpful to have the value of your Pokémon cards appraised by an expert. Although this involves a little more effort for you, it can also be really worth it. Because even in this country, the right cards and sets reach prices that are in the higher two-digit range.

If, after initial research, your card is not only particularly rare and also as old as possible, but it is also in almost perfect condition, you can have it graded by a company advertised specifically for this purpose, i.e. have it rated in German. For a service fee, several specialists will take a really, really thorough look at your cards and then give them the coveted grades, which can be found on an acrylic case around the card.

But note: Grading has also become extremely popular in the meantime and it is no longer just hardcore collectors who accept going to the specialist for a few extra euros. Conversely, this means that you can expect several months for a professional grading. The most popular providers here are still PSA and BGS, but European or even German companies such as Lotti, GSG, EGS or AP Grading have also been following for some time.

Conclusion: Your Pokémon cards can be really valuable

As you may have already noticed while reading, it is all the more worthwhile nowadays to own a rare collection in as good a condition as possible. Some Pokémon cards not only have a lot of value, they even make you rich: These are the most expensive Pokémon cards of all time. It is also unlikely that the hype will end soon, because Netflix is ​​currently planning a “Pokémon” series with real actors.

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