What does this information engraved on the tires actually mean?

Deepak Gupta August 1, 2022
Updated 2022/08/01 at 11:01 AM

Tires are one of the most important elements of the vehicle when it comes to safety. There are tires on the market for all needs and budgets, but there are obviously differences between the products.

Today we leave a small explanation of the information that is on the sidewall of the tire.

Do you need to buy tires for your car? As the basis of the decision to purchase, do you only take into account size and price? Wait... and read this entire article before you buy!

Engraved on the tires are several important information about them. This information is related to the tire measurements, but also refers to the quality of the tire. But what exactly does this information mean?

Information engraved on tires

  • A) tire width
    • The width of the tire, in millimeters, measured between the two sidewalls.
  • B) Height/width ratio
    • This is the ratio of the tire's cross section to its width, expressed as a percentage. For example, a height/width ratio of 65 indicates that the height of the tire is 65% of its width.
  • Ç) wheel diameter
    • The diameter (height) of the wheel in inches.
  • D) Load index
    • Your tire's load index refers to the maximum load capacity (in kg). You will find the tire load index on the sidewall, next to the diameter. For example, a tire with a load index of 91 can carry 615 kg.
    • Load and speed ratings should be checked when purchasing a new tire. Also remember to consult the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • E) Speed ​​Index
    • The speed index is the maximum speed for a tire when it has the correct pressure and is used under load. The speed index is indicated by the letter at the end of the flank after the load index number. For example, a tire with a speed index of V has a top speed of 240 km/h.
    • When purchasing new tyres, make sure their speed rating matches your vehicle's speed capabilities.

What does this information engraved on the tires really mean?

In addition to the information presented, there is another important one that we will address in a next article. For your safety, always try to invest in quality tires.

Tires that do not puncture do not yet exist, but news could arrive later this year. Bridgestone said that its technology could arrive as early as this year and is based on rubbers that do not need air. This tire solution should initially only reach 2-wheel vehicles, starting with bicycles.

Michelin says it is a little later and will only have a solution in 2024. The technology will be called Uptis (the original acronym Unique Puncture-proof Tire System) and will not need air. Michelin is working in partnership with General Motors.

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