What is a System Error Code?

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Deepak Gupta December 15, 2021
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Definition of a system error code and what it means

In programming, the listed messages that pertain to errors in a particular application are called an error code. They are frequently used to pinpoint software, hardware, or wrong data port problems for the user. An error code is sometimes called simply a system error code, or an operating system error code, and is generally followed by a short error message, which a Windows program may indicate in response to an individual situation that it is having. .

However, error codes do not have to be confused or mixed up with so-called return values, even though both are used together in the use of errors. Citing examples of these, we give rise to errors when opening a file, where a function usually sets the global variable to the error code showing the reason for the failure and returning an invalid file handle. On the other hand, we have that the error codes are identified by a number, each showing a reason for the error. In fact, in an application where error codes are used, the functions have a return value that denotes that there was a failure.

Error codes and exception handling

Little by little the error codes will disappear according to the recent programming languages. The exceptions on the other hand have the merit of being handled with specific blocks of code, away from the others and although it is considered a terrible practice in the methodology that uses error codes and return values ​​by not corroborating them to see if the function failed or not, sometimes programmers do not check for errors, which can have serious consequences because ignoring the error can lead to even bigger bugs later in the program.

That is why we can say that the handling of the exceptions, by dividing the error handling of the program logic, makes it more accessible to assimilate and write, because a single error handling code manages by itself to process errors of dissimilar Exception handling also allows the code to be more decipherable than operations with error codes, by not destroying the logic of the program with multiple error checks.

What is the reason for a system error code?

System error

System error codes are matched to software programmers as a fragment of the programming interface with the Windows operating system, that is, system error codes are predefined error codes that software programmers can use to communicate to you. the user the problems that the program is having. By the way, it is not all software programs that use these predefined system error codes, there are many software programs that have their own sets of error numbers and messages.

What do the different system error codes mean?

Various examples of a system error code can be cited, but we are only going to focus on one of the most frequent, 1632, which details the situation in which the hard disk is, if it is too full, and then it is the elimination of temporary files or cleaning of space in other parts of the hard disk, the easy solution to this error.

What to do after seeing a system error code?

It really depends on the system error code as to what to do next. In the aforementioned example, the solution for the error is quite simple but it is not always like that, since there will be many cases where we will not know what to do and we have to try again to see if the error occurs twice, if it does not, it could be one A minor fluke, ideally contacting the software developer or vendor’s technical support for advice on what to do.

Hence the importance of knowing what we were doing, what state the system was in and what application we had opened when the error arose, in order to favor its solution. Unfortunately, sometimes all we have is the system error code, but nothing about it and only when we know it do we know how to work on solving the problem, since a system error code is not the same as a code. Device Manager error code or an error code from a browser, although the error numbers may sometimes be the same.

Third-Party Error Codes: Other error codes may originate from third-party applications or services (for example, Error Code: -118 may be displayed by Steam’s gaming service) and in those positions will be put into Contact the third-party technical support line. The same system error code can be used in a few different cases in Windows, which means that the codes are very generic because they can be assigned to many divergent situations.

An example of this is that, instead of having X Error Code transforms for each file extension or folder location, Windows uses the same to adapt it to each circumstance. For this reason, the simple fact of having knowledge of the code will not be enough to understand how to solve the problem. Also the system error code, you need to understand the environment in which it was found. More ways to find an error code: If you require further assistance in tracking down a particular error, here are other suggestions:

  • First use the Microsoft Error Search Tool.
  • Then install the Debugging Tools for Windows, load a memory dump file, and then run the err command.
  • Finally look for the unformatted text or the error code on the Microsoft protocols site. And for more information, see [MS-ERREF]: Windows error.

Different system error codes

One of the most unpleasant situations that has happened to all of us is that the operating system freezes, that is, it does not respond to the actions and calls of the user (mouse clicks and keystrokes remain unanswered, in addition, the pointer mouse sometimes disappears). In other words, the computer shows no signs of. In this case, we mean system freeze. The causes of system freezing can be both software and hardware problems. But the errors that the system can lertano9s are the following:

0x00000001: APC_INDEX_MISMATCH – Error related to operating system kernel, check installed drivers, maybe not working or need to be replaced or not enough RAM memory.

0x0000000A: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL – Errors in the operation of virtual memory, due to an interruption. Try updating the drivers. It is also possible that the equipment that is connected to your computer is not working properly.

The error code may indicate the driver due to which the computer crashed into a blue screen. Therefore, please pay attention to the address after the error.

0x80000002– May indicate hardware incompatibility, memory conflict, or interrupts. There may also be a problem with the driver or the service.

0x00000020: KERNEL_APC_PЕNDING_DURING_EXIT – Problem with the APC counter. Check the file system. Also check IRQL, it should be zero. Remember what was last installed. You may have installed a problem or wrong driver.

0x00000023: FAT_FILE_SYSTEM: FAT format error on hard disk. Perhaps you have different partition formats on the disk, or the disk is already “streaming.”

0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM: NTFS format error on hard disk. It is also possible that you have different partition formats on the disk or that the disk is already “streaming.”

0x0000002A: INCONSISTENT_IRP – IRP (I / O Request Packet) failed. This is possible, for example, when IRP is disabled, at the moment when a command from the controller is expected.

0x0000002E: DATA_BUS_ERROR – The controller fell back to RAM at the address of which there is none.

0x0000006D: SESSION1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED 0x0000006E – Error starting system. It indicates in NTOS \ INIT \ INIT.C where the error occurred.

0x00000073: CONFIG_LIST_FAILED – The registry is corrupted. There may not be enough free space on the system disk or RAM.
0x00000096: INVALID_WORK_QUEUE_ITEM – Problem with hardware driver

0x00000098: END_OF_NT_EVALUATION_PERIOD – Windows period has ended.

0x00000099: INVALID_REGION_OR_SEGMENT – ExInitializeRegion, or ExInterlockedExtendRegion error. Perhaps an error in the parameters.

0x0000009A: SYSTEM_LICENSE_VIOLATION – License agreement violation.

0x0000009B: UDFS_FILE_SYSTEM – Error writing / reading UDFS

0x0000009C: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION – Problems with computer components. This can be a power supply, processor overclocking, overheating.

0x0000009F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE – Power driver failed. Update the driver.

0x000000A5: ACPI_BIOS_ERROR – BIOS error.

0x000000B4: VIDEO_DRIVER_INIT_FAILURE – Video card driver error. Try reinstalling or updating the driver.

0x000000BE: ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY – Problem with ROM write driver

0x000000C2: BAD_POOL_CALLER – Error accessing memory due to controller.

0x000000C4: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION – Error in the driver, in the STOP module

0x000000C5: DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL – Invalid memory access. Driver problem

0x000000CE: DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS – Driver cannot cancel locked Windows components. Possibly bad drivers or hardware.

0x000000D1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL – Maybe swap or RAM corrupted file

0x000000D8: DRIVER_USED_EXCESSIVE_PTES: The device driver misallocates memory, the system processes a large amount of I / O, or the program allocates too much memory in the address space. Controller need to be replaced
0x000000E3: RESOURCE_NOT_OWNED – File system failure
0x000000EA: THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER – The driver caused the system to freeze. Often the cause of an error in the video card or its driver
0x000000F2: HARDWARE_INTERRUPT_STORM – Unable to set interrupt. You may need to reinstall the driver


In general, it can be said that, in the world of computing and communications, despite the development and level reached by software producing companies, systems including the most reliable and tested program may fail, this is due to internal errors or external to the device. It also applies to Windows, Mac and iOS Operating Systems.

Those who, as a medical professional would diagnose through a physical analysis the difficulty of a patient and then know how to treat it, they, as intelligent programs, make a diagnosis through system errors that they sometimes list followed by a brief message of error, that a System program is presenting a specific problem depending on the error number.

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