What is Amazon Prime? All advantages for you at a glance

Deepak Gupta January 17, 2022
Updated 2022/01/17 at 7:22 PM

You’ve been wondering for a long time what Amazon Prime is and what you could use the service of what is probably the largest mail order company in the world for? Then we finally have an answer for you, because we reveal what you can expect from the service and what you should be prepared for.

What is Amazon Prime? Your advantages broken down individually

First of all: A short, introductory sentence is usually enough to answer the question “What is Amazon Prime?”. Because the premium service of the shipping giant is basically a subscription for those who order a lot, with which they save shipping costs, can expect shorter delivery times and can also access a wide range of all kinds of additional services.

In addition to the now established Amazon Prime Video Streaming offer, with which you can enjoy a huge selection of films and series within your subscription, these also include Amazon Music, Prime Reading and various other offers, which we will therefore present to you in more detail. Of course, we also tell you how much you have to pay for Amazon Prime at the end of the day to get the benefits.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

The costs of Amazon Prime amount to a monthly or annual fee, which is completely within limits. If you compare the prices for Amazon Prime, which, as already mentioned, includes an exciting streaming offer, with those of other streaming providers such as Netflix, the providers take little. With the difference that you get even more advantages at Amazon.

If you decide to pay the monthly fee, you pay a tolerable 7.99 euros for Amazon Prime with a normal subscription. You can get the annual subscription for a low price of 69 euros and before you have to decide on one of the models, you have another 30 days to get to know each other free of charge. If you are currently enrolled as a student at a university, Amazon Prime’s costs are reduced to just 3.99 euros per month or around 34 euros per year.

The advantages of Amazon Prime explained individually

As already mentioned, with Amazon Prime you enjoy a whole range of advantages that can be admired in addition to the free premium shipping, from which you can sometimes even benefit on the same day. We have summarized all Prime advantages for you in a simple overview.

Free premium shipping and same-day delivery

Probably the most relevant advantage of Amazon Prime is and remains the free premium shipping and the particularly useful same-day delivery. In available regions, members will receive their package the same evening if they have already placed their order in the morning of the same day.

Amazon Prime Video

With Amazon Prime Video you not only enjoy an unlimited range of streaming titles with thousands of films and series episodes, but also access to the popular Amazon Originals. These include, for example, “LOL”, “The Grand Tour”, “You Are Wanted” and award-winning series a la “American Gods”, “Lucifer” and Co. There are also various top games live on Tuesday in the UEFA Champions League.

Amazon Music

As a Prime member, you also have access to the finest audio fare, because with Amazon Music you can listen to over two million songs online, offline and even ad-free. Selected playlists, radio plays and your personalized radio channel are part of good form.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading also joins the provider’s entertainment division and offers you free access to hundreds of e-books, e-magazines, comics and Kindle singles. All you need is the corresponding Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also enjoy the latest paperback and e-book publications at a discount.

First try, then pay

Fashionistas will also get their money’s worth with Amazon Prime, because thanks to the “Try before you pay” function, you can order up to six items from the clothing, shoes and accessories categories without having to pay for them in advance. You then have a whole week to decide whether you want to keep the pieces or rather send them back.

Prime Gaming

Even the gaming veterans among us don’t miss out with a subscription. Every month there is a lot of exclusive content, offers, free games and a free Twitch channel subscription as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.

Offers, purchases and more

In addition to the advantages we have already mentioned, there are a whole lot of other bonuses to discover. For example, Prime members enjoy exclusive offers and deals, early access to Lightning Deals, and Amazon Fresh’s daily rotating offer, which allows you to order groceries and drinks at home. We also have three hidden advantages of Amazon Prime for you that may not have caught your eye at first glance, but are definitely worth it.

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