What is Microsoft’s Windows 3.0

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
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The Microsoft Windows 3.0 operating system was released on May 22, 1990. Due to great improvements in the user interface and better memory management, which was highly recognized by users. After that, Microsoft took advantage of the heat and released the multilingual version of Windows 3.0 in October 1991. This played an important role in promoting Windows in non-English speaking countries.

In this version of Windows 3.x it used a new set of icons, which caused its appearance to have changed a lot and it was no longer to be ashamed. But this is not an original Microsoft creation, but a design that mimics Apple’s Macintosh design, truth be told.

General characteristics of Windows 3.0

Windows 3.0 has many improvements over Windows 2.0, but it still lacks multimedia and networking features. It was superseded by 3.1 shortly after its release. Windows 3.x has the function of simulating a 32-bit operating system; the image display effect had been vastly improved and it had good support for the more advanced 386 processor at the time.

This system also provides support for Virtual Device Drivers (VxD), which greatly improves the scalability of the system. Computer users no longer have to thoroughly check if their hardware can be compatible with the system when purchasing Windows 3.x, because you can install another driver.

To help software manufacturers and companies develop Windows applications, Microsoft released the Software Development Kit (SDK). This provides Windows programmers with commonly used functions and program calling libraries during development; which speeds up development, but also artificially integrates programmers with the system.

Hardware resources are isolated. This practice has continued to this day. For software companies in this regard, Microsoft must be well versed in the principle of “convenience with others and convenience”, which stands in stark contrast to Apple’s maverick style.

Minimum requirements for operating system installation

  • Processors from 8086/8088 or higher
  • 384 KB conventional free memory
  • A hard drive with 20MB of free space was recommended
  • Graphics with CGA / EGA / VGA / Hercules / 8514 / A support and a suitable and compatible monitor
  • A Microsoft compatible mouse
  • MS-DOS version 3.1 or higher

Windows 3.x commercial short film

Microsoft Commercial Launch, a short film made to advertise and promote Windows 3.0. Below is a youtube compilation of the commercial video.

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