What is Microsoft’s Windows 95

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
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In case you were unaware, Windows 95 is a hybrid 16-bit / 32-bit Windows system, its version number is 4.0, the distribution company behind this was Microsoft, this was on August 24, 1995. Windows 95 is the first system operating system that supports 32 bits in the Microsoft operating system.

Windows 95 is the direct successor to the earlier stand-alone Microsoft MS-DOS operating system and Windows products. For the first time, it dropped support for the previous 16-bit x86 generation, requiring Intel’s 80386 microprocessor or a compatible faster processor.

Windows 95 desktop

Windows 95 overview

It has major improvements in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the underlying operation, and integrates the new version of MS-DOS 7.0. In this way, Microsoft can maintain the dominance of the GUI market established by Windows 3.x, while making it possible for no non-Microsoft product to provide the underlying operational services of the system. In other words, Windows 95 does double duty.

It brings a more powerful, more stable, and more convenient desktop GUI, and also puts an end to the competition between desktop operating systems. Technically speaking, the Windows graphical user interface can run under MS-DOS, or it can run under PC-DOS.

This situation was revealed in court a few years later, when other major players in the DOS market had already exited the market. on the market, Windows 95 is successful and within a year or two after its release it has become the most successful operating system in history.

Main Features of the operating system

  • Operating system came with a hybrid graphical user interface between 16 and 32 bits.
  • It offered much better multimedia features, more efficient elements for mobile computing equipment and networks.
  • The FAT32 file system had been incorporated, and the first USB.
  • The Start menu, taskbar, and buttons for minimizing, maximizing, and closing windows appeared, and he renamed the directories as folders.
  • It had internet compatibility, dial-up network connection, and new Plug and Play features that enable hardware and software installation.

Windows 95 minimum requirements

  • Computer with a 386DX processor or higher, but the 486 was recommended.
  • 4 megabytes of memory (8 MB recommended).
  • Hard disk space normally required to upgrade to Windows 95: 35 to 40 MB.
  • Hard disk space normally required to install Windows 95 on a clean system: 50 to 55 MB. The actual requirement varies, depending on the features you choose to install.
  • One 3.5-inch high-density disk drive (install from floppy disks).
  • VGA resolution or higher (256 color SVGA recommended).

Windows 95 Commercial Advertising

Microsoft’s publicity launch, with the theme of the presentation of the Rolling Stones Start Me Up. Here is a compilation of YouTube from the LegoJKL channel of the commercial video.

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