What is Tinder? (easily explained)

Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
Updated 2022/01/23 at 12:50 PM

In the digital age, everything revolves around the internet. Many activities are even largely shifted to platforms. It’s the same with dating. But with the many different apps and portals, it is not always easy to keep track. “What is Tinder actually?”. Maybe you’ve asked yourself that before. Here we explain how this dating app works.

What is Tinder?

Like most apps, Tinder tries to make our lives easier. The mobile dating app enables users to get to know people in the immediate vicinity. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to make new acquaintances or are looking for the right partner.

So what is Tinder?

As the app itself writes, it’s a place of opportunity.

Registration on Tinder

To use the app, you must first set up an account. This works for both Android and Apple devices. You can also create your account online. We have three instructions ready for you:

#1 For Android

  • Download the first Tinder app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now choose one login method.
  • Then give yours Mobile number one and verify this.
  • Then create yours profile and personalize the Tinder Permissions (e.g. transmission lines or GPS data).
Set up Tinder account icon, credits; imago images / Kirchner Media

#2 For iOS

  • Download the Tinder app for iOS and tap “Create account“.
  • then give yours mobile number one and verify this.
  • Then give yours E-mail address and then create your profile.
  • Finally, give Tinder the necessary ones Permissions.

By the way:

You can also link Tinder to your Apple or Facebook account for a streamlined and faster login. But of course this is not a must.

#3 Sign up through the Tinder website

  • Open the Tinder website and click Register.
  • Then choose between “Sign in with Google” or “Sign up with your phone number“.
  • Now create yours profile and give Tinder the necessary ones Permissions.

And off we go. Now you can get to know many new people in your area.

This is how Tinder works

After creating your account, you can start getting to know each other immediately. Before that you can of course upload pictures of yourself, add or change your description and do similar things. However, at this point you are still missing an important aspect of the question “What is Tinder?”. After all, you also need to know how “match-making” works on the app.

The special thing about Tinder is the swipe function, which means “to wipe”. Because this is the only way to chat directly on the platform.

But before private chatting, you have to swipe first:

You will first be shown different profiles of the people in your area. With the swipe function you can either swipe to the right or to the left on each individual profile. A swipe right means you find the person interesting and would like to chat with them privately. If you’re not interested in a person, swipe left. However, the person is not notified of this.

And now comes the exciting part:

If two users have swiped each other to the right, a so-called match. If this is the case for you, a chat will automatically start between you and this person and you can communicate directly.

Icon image Tinder match, credits; imago images / Ritzau Scanpix

Dating apps like Tinder are mostly popular for their cool features. The swipe function, for example, finds the perfect match for you. Expressing interest is also super easy: With just one swipe you can secure a new acquaintance.

And if you want to get started right away, we have the right tips and tricks for you that will help you start a good conversation. We also have the right guide for you: These are the go’s and no-go’s when flirting on Tinder.

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