WhatsApp: 10 really embarrassing sayings for Valentine’s Day

Deepak Gupta February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 2:12 PM

February 14th is Love Day again. Many take the opportunity to WhatsApp sayings for Valentine’s Day to send. What is meant to be nice can quickly go haywire. Because precisely on this occasion there is a whole battalion of hackneyed phrases that nobody really wants to hear anymore. Unusual or funny idioms are better.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use February 14th to get your crush’s attention or to write to your partner. Not all WhatsApp sayings for Valentine’s Day are well received. If you don’t know what the other person likes, try using phrases that aren’t too “over the top”.

For example, what is romantic to you could quickly come across as over the top and even cheesy to others. Especially if you haven’t been together very long. Such phrases usually promise less success. The following examples show this:

Cheesy WhatsApp sayings about love:

  • Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and becoming rich yourself.
  • If you look up at the sky and steal a star there, give it a kiss and think of me, because the star is me.
  • 1 universe, 8 planets, 194 countries, 7 seas and I was lucky enough to find you.
  • And at some point someone comes into your life who makes you feel at home, no matter where you are.
  • If you were a potato, you would be a sweet potato.
  • You are so beautiful it hurts to look at you.
  • The difference between a shooting star and you? If I see a shooting star, I can make a wish. If I see you, then my wish has already come true.
  • How I would like to be a tear from you: born in your eyes, travel down your cheeks and die on your lips.
  • To the world you are just someone, but to someone you are the whole world.
  • If you were a flower in the desert, I would kneel and cry so you wouldn’t die of thirst.

Funny WhatsApp sayings for Valentine’s Day

In many cases, a little humor is the best way to put a smile on the face of someone important in your life. Of course, there is no guarantee for this, because in the end it always depends on the preferences of the recipient of your message.

If you both speak English, the following texts, for example, could go down well. Since the language is significantly crisper than our convoluted German, there are some interesting options here. Great feelings in particular can often be conveyed in this way without too much kitsch.

English WhatsApp sayings about love

  • All you need is love. Wine is love, right?
  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
  • You’re the sweatpants of my life. Cozy, warm & the only thing I want after a long day.
  • Love is being stupid together.
  • You’re just like bacon, beer, and chocolate – you make everything better.

If, on the other hand, you are not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, there are also some sayings that are often sent as a kind of anti-greeting. After all, the popular rumor persists that the day is an invention of the flower industry.

Humorous WhatsApp sayings for anti-Valentine’s Day:

  • Each pot has a lid. I think I’m a wok.
  • Relationship status: I lie diagonally in bed.
  • Every eleven minutes a single person falls in love with their cat.
  • The only dates I have right now are updates.
  • Everything is great without you.
  • Relationship Status: One of my houseplants is now called Wilson.

by the way: In fact, Valentine’s Day could go back to Saint Valentine, who in the 3rd century is said to have married lovers according to Christian rites despite a ban and also given them flowers from his garden. He was beheaded on February 14, 269 by order of the emperor.

200 years later in 469 the anniversary of his death was introduced as a memorial day for the church. In 1969, however, this was deleted again because the person Valentin cannot be historically proven, as the Bayrischer Rundfunk explains.

Alternative WhatsApp messages for Valentine’s Day

If you generally don’t feel like sending Valentine’s Day sayings via Messenger, how about this: Create your own GIFs with WhatsApp. On the other hand, if you prefer still images, you can find a large number of free WhatsApp images to send online.

Sources: Bayrischer Rundfunk, own research

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